louis vuitton - trunks and toys exhibition

After months of anticipation, the Louis Vuitton outlet at Gardens Mid Valley finally opened its doors to customers. Me and my groupmates went to the mall last Saturday for a meeting with our lecturer on one of our assignments. As I passed by the spanking new Louis Vuitton store, I got really excited to see an exhibition going on right in front of its doors. However I didn’t want to keep the lecturer waiting, so I decided to hold the thought until the meeting ended.

After we were done, me and Pei Yee went to check out the exhibition. It was on “Trunks and Toys” – basically the evolution of Louis Vuitton trunks over the years as captured by renowned French photographer Jean Larivière. Monsieur Larivière is also an avid collector of antique toys; hence he combined his passion with Louis Vuitton classic trunks as subjects of his wonderful photos.

We had a very pleasant young lady to entertain us and explain each piece of item on display. She did mention that some people prefer to walk through the exhibits themselves and refer to the pamphlet for explanation (very Malaysian eh?). As for me, if someone volunteers to spell everything out, I rather have that. Moreover I’ll be able to ask questions along the way.

On the panels are photos taken by Monsieur Larivière. In the glass cases are his antique toys.

A bit of description on the exhibition. Click on the photo to blow it up, you’ll be able to read the words.

Entrance to the new Louis Vuitton store.

A toy plane on the left, a trunk on the right.

A multifold pamphlet with historical timeline on the subjects.

I forgot to check how long the exhibition’s going to be. Pei Yee said she noticed it was there throughout last week, so I guess it’s going to end pretty soon, if it hasn’t already. So if you are interested, go there before it’s too late!


Fertzy said...

dah bukak dkt Garden finally!!!

me loikeyyy loikeyyyy!!!

mana lagik besar klcc / golden triangle nyer butik or the Garden?

dieya said...

yeah! not sure abt the size coz i didn't go in, lepak kat exhibition tu je. from the outside nampak mcm lebih kurang sama besar, but u know laa kedai2 kat gardens luas ke belakang, so might be bigger inside. jom chekkidaut!

-farahsu- said...

nak ikutt!!! nnt korang bleh bukak klass utk aku hehehe...

dieya said...

jom!!! nanti kitorg pilihkan ko yg paling executive looking but stylo.. kalu glams sgt sure ko takmo kan.. dun worry we know what to do!