kes: kronologi eksklusif siasatan

The title reminds me of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I watched the program for the first time last week (it was the pilot episode I think) which showed an old crime case of a female computer programmer who was raped and killed onboard an express bus some 10 years ago.

The second episode aired last night was on Al-Maunah, a martial art group that stole truckloads of weapons and ammos from two army camps in an attempt to topple the government sometime in 2000. It was a striking resemblance of a program by History Channel Asia called “Al-Maunah: The Malaysian Arms Heist”, which was aired during Hari Merdeka season. Only a couple of major differences between the two: First, the duration was shorter, it was only for 30 minutes while the History Channel’s version ran for 1 hour. Second, it was in Malay.

Everything else was the same.
- The same way of telling the story by reenacting key scenes and showing archived videos of the actual event.
- The same people were interviewed: Lt. Jen. Zaini, DSP Abdul Razak and Sjn. Mohd Shah.
- The same photos of the enemy were shown, presumably extracted from martial arts magazines.

Leave it to Malaysians to copycat everything, from the title to the content, even to the final product.

However, that’s not the focus of discussion here. What I’m more interested in are several parts of the documentary that made me go “Huh?” and “Hmm!”:

#1: Huh?
While describing the capture of Truper Matthew anak Medan by the enemy, the narrator said something along the lines of “Seorang tentera tidak bernasib baik telah tersesat ke dalam kawasan kejadian.” A tentera tersesat into a war zone? Seriously? Must I remind you that Truper Matthew was a Gerak Khas commando - these people don’t get sesat! What I recall from History Channel’s version was that Truper Matthew and another trooper went too close to the enemy while trying to recce the area. The enemy saw them and launched an attack. The other trooper managed to escape but Truper Matthew was captured. Yes, I agree that he wasn’t lucky, but he definitely wasn’t sesat!

#2: Hmm!
Sjn. Mohd Shah, who watched Truper Matthew being tortured by the enemy for information, described the moment vividly, “He refused to say anything, so they shot his legs, one at time. Still he didn’t say anything. He didn’t fall down. He didn’t scream. He just fought the pain quietly. The enemy became upset. They shot him from the back of his head. It was a through and through, coming out from his face.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is a true hero.

#3: Hmm!
I haven’t seen Annahita Bakavoli on TV for some time. Suddenly she appeared during the programme doing short narrations between scenes. Wonder where has she been all these while?

#4: Huh?
The narration on DSP Abdul Razak’s team approaching the enemy started with “Gerak Khas diketuai DSP Abdul Razak...” What’s wrong with that statement? First of all, DSP Abdul Razak is not from Gerak Khas (army commando), he’s from a detachment of Pasukan Gerakan Khas called VAT 69 (police commando). Fine, the producers might have confused “Gerak Khas” and “Pasukan Gerakan Khas” (blame Yusof Haslam on this), but I’m a strong believer of information accuracy, especially when accounting an actual incident. Secondly, I don’t think the team that he led was from Gerak Khas. Why would he lead a team that wasn’t even his? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just quoting what I recall from History Channel’s version of the incident.

I find it funny that a local production could make mistakes such as #1 and #4. Goes to show the level of study they went through (if any) before shooting the episode. Perhaps they didn’t have the budget or talent or manpower to match those of History Channel’s, but it was a documentary of an incident that happened in your own country for goodness sake! At least get the facts right!

My verdict: 5 stars to History Channel, 3 stars to TV3. That’s 2 stars for their lebih kurang asal boleh effort and 1 star for featuring Tun Dr. Mahathir (though he only said a few lines).

Cuba lagi di minggu hadapan!

P.S.: Can’t wait for History Channel’s documentary on P. Ramlee to premiere on 31 October 2010. I heard it’s by the same team who did the Al-Maunah documentary. The concert tribute will air a week earlier. Check out this microsite for more info.


ZuNas77 said...

OMG..giler punya review nih. i rasa diaorg punya study pun tak mcm u buat. Shame on them!!..hahaha..

dieya said...

yeah shame on them! i cukup menyampah when ppl talk abt something without confirming the facts. maklumlah ex-auditor kan everything is about evidence, evidence, and more evidence. malu je kat mat saleh yg buat documentary history channel tu, they got the facts right but our own ppl don't. ntahapapa laa..

dyanna said...

History Channel's version of Al-Maunah story made me shed some tears... I dunno about TV3's version because the TV has been down for 2 weeks now :(

to 'Hmm#3', AB got married sometime ago and i guess that's why she was out of sight for a while. (See? I can be a better reporter that TV3 :P)

Liza said...

typical! malas nak buat homework and tiru bulat2, why lah??

JaJa'Z said...

uish..pjg nya review...stakat ni akak tak sempat lagi nak tgk KES ni..kalau SCI..memang tak tinggal punya ah..heheh

dieya said...

yeah the history channel's version was really moving. i watched it with my family, my mum got emo over the part where trooper matthew was shot in cold blood.
hahaha no wonder we haven't seen her! yeah deifinitely, you're the one who should be doing this! i bet the OCD in you will ensure every single fact is accurate :-D

k liza,
so typical kan! kopi dan pasta, at least modify laa sikit, ni sebijik sama.

k jaja,
hahaha ha'ah ek.. menyampah punya pasal sedar2 panjang giler rupanya :-D
aiyoo.. kalau banding ngan CSI mmg mcm langit ngan bumi!


Where I suppose to start? Let start with DSP Razak Version. He claimed that he managed to nego with Amin and Amin is already looking for surrender and Lt Jen Zaini had disturbed their plan. Sound believablekan!. Tetapi masa perbicaraan, kenapa Amin atau peguamnya tidak bawa kes ini. Sedangkan kes ini sangat penting. Walaupun dalam kes rayuan hukuman Amin. Saat yang dikatakan oleh DSP Razak bahawa Amin telah ingin menyerah diri, sekali-kali tidak disebut. Ini sebenarnya point penting dan utama bagi Amin tapi di sebut pun. Mengapa? sebabnya, cerita itu tidak berlaku. Masing-masing nak tunjuk hero.

dieya said...

pena celoreng,
really? hmm.. that's food for thought. like you said, unbelievable, tapi bila dah selalu repeat cerita yg sama, theory of suggestion kicks in, yg pelik pun boleh nampak mcm benar. hahaha nak tunjuk hero eh? oh well, boys will be boys ;-)