ich ug meeting (cont’d)

Arrived at Westin Hotel quite early this morning. I didn’t have any breakfast at home so I asked Jin Yee to accompany me to go to The Loaf (Tun Mahathir’s bakery cum café) at Pavilion, which is just across the road.

Enjoying coffee and cranberry bun (and carbon monoxide) in the heart of Bukit Bintang.

The hall was still quite empty when we returned.

Morning tea break. Salmon sandwich, lamb pie, mango pudding and orange juice.

We were given the choice to have lunch either at The Living Room or EEST (two of the hotel’s restaurants). Since we already tried The Living Room yesterday, Jin Yee and I decided to go to EEST today. Their menu had more Asian flare – noodles, sushi, dim sum and so on. We were joined by two gentlemen from Finn Air. The moment they told me they were from Finland, I immediately thought of Kimi Räikkönen :-p (I’m an F1 fan, remember?). Had a wonderful chat with them about F1, food and places to visit in their country. Watching northern lights and reindeers in Lapland sounds so amazing!

I had dim sum and wantan mee. On the top is Jin Yee’s laksa.

Dessert menu at EEST was lesser than the other restaurant’s. The one on top right is green tea tiramisu, which is the best amongst the rest.

A aerial view of The Living Room, where we had lunch yesterday.

Forgot to take photo of EEST restaurant because I was busy chatting with these two guys.

Evening tea break. Chicken fritters, vegetarian burger and some chocolates.

Tomorrow’s gonna be the last day of the meeting. Chill pill, just one more day to tempt you with marvelous hotel food ;-)


Aida Rezuan said...

Uiks! Awat gambo si hensem2 tuh dari belakang jek? Kalo food siap buleh buat close up, macro bagai. Hehe!

Mamamya said...

alala...pic makanan lagi.. :D & yg plg x tahan akak ada nampak dim sum kat situ....(bila la my mr.kmdo nak bawa pi makan dim sum nih....)

Erin said...

aku sgt jeles, okay? the food looks scrumptious! happy eating ;)

dieya said...

hahaha segan laa pulak tak pasal2 nak amik gambar diorg tak pasal2. tuh yg gambar ala paparazi dari blkg je ;-) when i took the food pics masa lunch sama2 tu pun diorg dah heran semacam. kalu suruh pose sekali mau diorg lari balik finland kot!

k lieya,
sementara dapat try makanan sedap2 n cantik2 boleh, snap banyak2.. hihihi!
owh ye laa k lieya nak makan dim sum ek.. yg kat sini sedap tapi tak byk choice. dun worry tak lama lagi dapat laa tu :-)

come to kl, we hv lunch here!

Lizaf said...

kejap lagi nak curik ginger bread you.. hehhehe.. :P

JaJa'Z said...

saje je kan minah ni...dengki tau! amik gambo maknan yang sedap2 gitu..tp memang member akak cakap makan kat hotel tu mmg superb..

ahkakbatik said...

kaktek sini makan tempe goreng jerrrrrr.........huuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dieya said...

bahaya ni.. nanti i kena simpan ginger bread dlm locker, lock sekali! :-D

k jaja,
mmg superb tahap superman! hehehe dah abis dah sesi meeting dan makan. hari ni last.

k tek,
alalala cian.. ingatkan makan well done rib eye steak.. hehehe!