ich ug meeting (closing)

After three intensive days, the meeting finally came to an end. Today’s programme was planned to be only for half a day, so that overseas delegates could spend some time going around KL, sample local food, shopping etc.

Morning tea break, our last meal at the meeting. Giant curry puff (with hardboiled egg inside), strawberry tart and guava.

We are MH! That’s Chia, Ayu and Faizah. This was their second IATA meeting in hardly two months. They attended the previous one in Budapest on the third day of raya.

Me and my partner in crime ;-)

Since the entire thing ended at 12:30pm, lunch wasn’t provided. So Jin Yee and I made our way to Pavilion to get something to eat. We decided to try Carlos Mexican Canteena, which serves Mexican food.

That’s a super huge bowl of mushroom soup!

Virgin peach margarita and Coke.

I had seafood paella, which was really yummy!

Jin Yee’s chicken spaghetti.

All in all, it was a very good meeting. There were a lot of takeaways (I mean info, not food) for us to share with our colleagues when we return to work. Anyway, I’m transferring my IATA-related portfolio to Jin Yee as I’m taking over a different portfolio that was left by another colleague who got transferred to KLIA. Therefore whatever action items required to be done after the meeting would be under her purview, though I would be around to assist her throughout the transition period.

So good luck Jin Yee! I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

P.S.: The paella at Carlos Mexican Canteena was really good. Better than the one at La Bodega!

P.P.S.: The last two photos were taken using the “food photos” setting on my red baby. Do you think they look better / worse / the same as other food photos I took before? Should I use this setting for future food photos or just stick to the old setting?


Lelord said...

makanan sedap2 jek kan during meeting

~jeet~ said...

ada food setting ek for your camera,canggih.. nanti belek gambar lama, tgk ada beza tak..

Maya Marisa said...

aaarrrggghhh jelousnyer u pegi carlos...that's my fav place for mexican food. its even better than La Bodega actually.

Liza said...

i must say, i tried the paella at la bodega, maybe it's just me not liking this kind of food kot? love tapas though

JaJa'Z said...

thanks God ur meeting dah habis..kalau tak..tak daya nak lap jek mulut ni sebab tak tahan tgk ur food tu..teringin nak makan paella..sedap ke? how does it taste?

dieya said...

k lelord,
owh sudah semestinya! dah laa sedap, free pulak tu :-D

ada, but i kinda don't like the pics outcome at the first look. macam shadowy sikit. what do u think?

my first time there. and i agree, it's actually better than la bodega! totally fell in love with the paella!

k liza,
erm.. maybe the rice is a bit too watery for your liking? normally people who don't like paella find it that way. yup the tapas there are superb!

k jaja,
hehehe dah abis dah, after this kembali makan nasi campur kan kantin. for me paella adalah sgt sedap! macam nasi berperisa, lembap sikit coz masak ngan byk air tapi taklah sampai jadi bubur. dtg laa kl, dieya bawak k jaja makan kat carlos. mmh superb laa paella dia. kalu nak buat sendiri aida ada tayang resepi dulu.

JaJa'Z said...

dieya: actually akak teringinnnnnn sangat nak jumpa dieya tau...mesti kita sengehhhhh jek bila jumpa kan..hope one day we will meet together..insyallah...

dieya said...

k jaja,
me too! naaaaakkk sangat jumpa k jaja! hari tu k lieya pun baru je sebut mengidam nak jumpa dieya, kalu kita jumpa dia sekali pun best. visit dia masa bersalin nanti ke kan?
hahaha nanti kita buat iklan colgate sama2 eh!