i am a pilot!

Yes I am! Kenapa? Tak percaya?

Yesterday about 20 of us from Finance Division were given the chance to fly an aircraft using flight simulators. So what happens when you ask accountants to become pilots? Let the photos tell you the story!

Welcome to the cockpit of Airbus 330-300!

The flight instructor explaining to us what to do.

Aida volunteered to be the first pilot. The instructor let her sit on the left, which is the commander’s seat. For your info, though a flight has two or more pilots, only one of them controls the aircraft – the commander. Usually the commander sits on the left, while the co-pilot sits on the right. The others sit at the back.

Dim the lights. Hit the throttle. We are ready to take-off!

Though Aida sat on the left, the flight was mostly controlled by the instructor. For the next try, the instructor moved to the back and offered the rest of us to take over both seats. Sue quickly jumped into the left seat while I took the right seat. I was a little sad for not being able to be the commander, but never mind, at least I got to fly. The instructor set the destination to depart from KLIA and land in Penang. Then he hit the throttle. The aircraft slowly moved on the runway.

Me: So I don’t have to do anything, right? *Pointing to Sue* Because she’s the commander?
Instructor: No! You are the commander! I changed the control to the right!
Me: What?! What am I supposed to do?!

Wargh! Belum take-off lagi commander dah kena panic attack!

The instructor guided me from take-off until the aircraft was already airborne. Then all I had to do was to maintain the balance and later land it. Okay.. deep breath.. inhale.. exhale..

Why so serious?

Firstly, controlling an aircraft isn’t easy. I know it’s just joystick, but let me tell you, it’s way different from playing Atari or Prince of Persia on PC (those were my last encounters with joysticks ages ago). Secondly, it’s a simulator – everything looks and feels real. The entire cockpit moves when my hand moves. Left, right, up, down. Thirdly, having a bunch of people screaming behind you doesn’t help at all (I had five super excited co-pilots with me).

At one point, I tilted the aircraft nearly 45 degrees without even noticing because I was busy looking at the control panel. That was until Zaza warned me “Woi pilot, orang kat belakang dah pening ni!” Hahaha!

Then came landing. The instructor told me to pay full attention to the screen and make sure I keep the cross (which marks the aircraft) within the small box (which marks the position) accurately so that I land on the runway. The aircraft descended. 10,000 feet. 5,000 feet. Guess what, the lower it went, the more difficult it was to control!

Instructor: Go left! Not too left! Right again! Up a bit!
Me: I’m trying! I’m trying!

My co-pilots at the back were already screaming.

Instructor: Look at the screen! Down a bit! Now left! Hurry, else you will crash!
Me: *Fiddling with the joystick* Aaaaahhhhh!
Instructor: Now look outside. Do you see the runway?
Me: Yes!
Instructor: Bring down the landing gear. We are landing now.

And the aircraft approached the runway, but it glided to the left! No way! I wasn’t going to let this flight crash! I tried to bring it back to the right, but it was too late.

Me and co-pilots: Waaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!

Finally, I landed the aircraft – on the grass! Just to the left of the runway! If only I could move it a few metres to the right, it would be a perfect landing!

I looked at my co-pilots. Everyone was safe and sound. Some looked like they were ready to throw up :-D

The happy commander, after landing the aircraft in Penang in one piece!

Me and my co-pilots. Look at Zaza’s face, she said my flight made her head spin :-D

The Airbus 330-300 simulator that I piloted.

That’s Boeing 737-400 simulator. Most domestic flights fly on this aircraft.

Shahrul standing at the side of Boeing 777-200 simulator, which flies to most European destinations.

Boeing 777-200 cockpit.

Our newest simulator – Airbus 380-800. We haven’t even received the real aircraft yet.

Look at the inside, everything’s nice and shiny. And the graphic on the windshield looks super real!

This is where the instructor controls the flight condition. The chair still has plastic wrapper :-p

Instructor’s touch screen. They can simulate everything from night to light to wind to snow. Any time. Any weather. Any airport.

We asked the instructor to change the setting to London’s Heathrow Airport during winter. See the snow?

See the green cross and the little yellow box? A pilot needs to ensure the cross is always within the box. Or he’ll land on the grass like me!

Aircraft airborne in London. Look at the scenery outside, just like the real one!

I actually felt quite bad for not being able to land my flight on the runway. More so when the instructor told me “Your flight was really simple. Normal weather condition. No wind. Everything was clear. Yet you still went off the runway!” Huhuhu…

So after the session I asked my friends who piloted other aircrafts. How did they do compared to me?
- I flew to Penang and landed on the grass.
- Aida flew to London and landed on Heathrow Airport’s terminal building.
- Niva landed her aircraft on another aircraft.
- Jehanne’s aircraft went upside down and finally dived into the sea.

Conclusion: We better stick to being accountants for the safety of mankind!

Anyway, if you are interested in getting Malaysia Airlines Flight Simulator Experience, those are the details. Yes, it’s open to public.

It’s not easy being a pilot, even for just one flight!

P.S.: Hey, at least my passengers are all safe and sound ;-)


~jeet~ said...

kelakar la korang!! macam2 peel landing the aircraft, tu belum simulate terrorist attack, pregnant lady on board, snake on a plane etc..etc..hehehe..

the gift voucher is definitely a goog b'day gift to pilots wannabes (or yang pilot tak jadi) ;)

JaJa'Z said...

serius lawakkkkk!!!! siap landing masuk dalam laut yg tak tahan tu..at least u atas rumput kira ok sket la kan..hehhe..better ask ur friends supaya jangan jd pilot yek..ngeri tauuu..hehhehe..macam best je dieya..nak gak merasa..open to public ek..kat mana tu?? hehhe..kita tgk plak akak bleh landing safely tak kat kuantan..

dieya said...

itulah, now i know why pilots get paid so much. susah tau! owh the gift voucher memang perfect. tak dapat bawa aircraft betul, bawa dlm simulator pun ok. it sure feels like betul2 punya!

k jaja,
kalau laa k jaja tengok gaya kitorang dalam tu.. memang kelakar gilers! flight yg masuk laut sampai the instructor pun tercampak sekali :-D
memang best! dekat subang airport je, near my office. try jgn tak try. captain jaja jgn landing atas rumah org ye!

ZuNas77 said...

hahahaha...i dpt bayangkan mesti u terjerit2 masa nak landing tu kan??? sabarrr je lah..

but best la. new experience and valuable one!. i pernah naik fake helly kat petrosains pun rasa mcm terjerit2 mcm org gila. hahaha

lucky said...

omg!!! so cool!!! would love to experience this one dayyy... bestnyaaaa keje MAS!!! hehehehehe

dieya said...

memang keluar jeritan batinku masa tu! mujur my flight landed safely. my friend's flight yg langgar airport tu lagi laa lawak, tengok kat cermin depan kapal straight tuju ke bangunan.. terpekik terlolong semorang :-D

definitely! next time you get home do try the simulator okay :-)

. de baloon. said...

hush amazing ! haha cool lah.. nak try bwk flight landing depan umah plak. mest best kan. :) kak dieya mmg cool lah .

JaJa'Z said...

bila la akak nak menyampai ke subang tu ek..hehhe..eh, dieya keja kat sebang ke klia? ke dua2 pun salah..hehhee

Lelord said...

kahkahkahkah..x bleh tahan...tp best gak kan pengalaman tu wpun simulator jek...

dieya nak tya sket soklan..akakade dh search tp macam2 jawapan. kata la akak nak peknen lg ekekkeke agak2 bape bulan leh nek flight ek. tolong panjangkan soklan akak ni kat yg berkenaan bleh

dieya said...

wah depan rumah ada runway ke? habis laa pokok2 bunga your mum kena lenyek dek kapal terbang nanti! hahaha you are just as cool babe!

k jaja,
firefly kan ada, terus je sampai ke subang. yeah dieya keje kat subang airport :-)

k lelord,
best sangat! perasan laa jadi pilot kejap kan.. hahaha!
about the pregnancy, boleh naik flight sampai maximum 7 bulan pregnant. pastikan bawa surat pengesahan doktor saying that you are healthy enough to board a flight.
wah.. najlaa nak dapat adik ke? ;-)

Mamamya said...

dr awal baca n3 ni akak t'sengih2 sorang2..lawak sungguh kan...

bukan mudah nak jd pilot...nampak jer senang tp klu suruh bawa sndri baru tau....tu yg smpi terjun ke laut & landing atas rumput bagai....(m'ngerikan.....iskh3!!)

Erin said...

mate, even reading this was super funny...cant imagine if i was there! yeah, at least u managed to land quite safely. xtahan plane turned upside down haha...

sgt best! dolu selalu berangan nak jd pilot tau, tapi anganku x jd haha. perhaps leh try simulator - the next best thing without actually harming myself or other innocent people...haha

エイザト said...

Now that we have a pilot in our family, boleh la tebas semak sebelah rumah ni buat runway untuk A330 mendarat. :D

Maya Marisa said...

help! i cant stop laughing!!!!
my dear, u landed at which grass la? balik pulau? bukit mertajam? hehhehe

Liza said...

cool!!! i would love to the pilot using this simulator. at least i know everyone including me will be save

Aida Rezuan said...

Haha! I'm so glad that you decided to stick with being an accountant. *phew!*

But hey, bet it was a great experience, eh? Good for you! :)

*phew still!*

dieya said...

k lieya,
memang lawak sangat! sekarang baru tahu betapa susahnya kerja ni, memang patut laa pilot dapat gaji mahal. hahaha.. mula2 segan nak bagitau org dieya landing kat rumput, tapi bila dengar ada yg sampai masuk laut, kira i wasn't doing so bad laa kan ;-D

you so have to try this! for sapa2 yg pernah cita2 jadi pilot memang dream comes true laa.. because it really feels true!

wahahaha pegi laa tebas cepat2. after this we buy A330 secondhand mana2 yg MAS takmo pakai lagi tu.

nasib baik i tak landing kat pulau jerejak tau!
saja je land atas rumput tu.. dekat sikit nak pegi nasi kandar line clear :-D

k liza,
do try it! if i'm not mistaken mira (redmummy) tried it before when we opened it to famous bloggers as part of our awareness progamme.

hahaha what to do, nampak sangat tak berbakat jadi pilot. yeah it was awesome! do try it when you come home ok!