historia del sábado

Historia del sábado = Saturday’s story.

I haven’t talked about my Spanish class, haven’t I?

So I have resumed my Spanish class. Now I’m in Level A4 with Jeet a.k.a Anita. That’s her Spanish name (she might kill me for telling you this :-p). In the class, if your name doesn’t sound Spanish enough, or if the lecturer can’t pronounce your name, you’ll get a Spanish name. Azita becomes Anita. Caroline becomes Carolina. Li Szu becomes Sofia. Then we have a local Chinese guy named Jose, a Japanese guy named Antonio Japón (Japanese Antonio) and a Korean guy named Antonio Corea (Korean Antonio).

Me? I get to keep my real name. Fortunately mine is easy to pronounce. So far, no matter where I go, I don’t have any problem to get others to say my name right. That’s the benefit of having a name that’s applicable in the east and the west. Must thank my parents for that. Or perhaps I should thank Nadia Comăneci for getting two gold medals in the Olympic Games a year before I was born, hence inspiring my parents to name me after her.

By the way, I don’t even know what are Jose’s, Antonio Japón’s and Antonio Corea’s real names. Have been calling them with their Spanish names all the while ;-)

After the class, I went to UM to meet my MBA classmates to discuss our assignment. Though Pei Yee specifically told me that the meeting was at Main Campus (and I even replied OK), somehow my brain registered it as City Campus. So I drove all the way there and climbed three floors up (the lift wasn’t working) only to find out that I got the venue wrong!

, Pei
Yee and the stuffs that have been causing us stress.

“But in the photo you two don’t look stressed at all!” said Vijaya. Yeah, leave the posing to us!

Then in evening I met my cousin Basyir, a student at Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (MIAT), doing Bachelor of Aviation Management. He and his classmates wanted to interview me for their English class. Apparently several of my big bosses are their lecturers, doing part-time teaching there. It made me think of the possibility of doing the same. Not now though (I’m already half-dead with my own studies), maybe one day.

With Basyir (the one sitting next to me) and his classmates.

Got a gift from my aunt (Basyir’s mum) – an electric warm pillow.

She sells it as a side business. Check out her blog for more info. Love the pattern. I bet it’s going to be really useful in my cold office!


Mamamya said...

morning dieya dearie... :D

pagi2 dah ronda2 cni...

bestnya dapat blaja byk bahasa ni kan...lbh2 lg spanish...dulu2 en.suami penah ada impian nak hantar anak2 dia ke chienese school tp m'mandangkan kami ni sering b'hijrah ke sana sini...rasanya agak ssh nak merealisasikan impian dia tue.....

akak suka lah dgn electric warm pillow nie...sesuai guna masa dalam pantang nnti kan....thanks yer....

akak dah pi tgk blog yr aunt td...sygnya masa dia buka boot kat melaka tu dah t'lps plak tarikhnya...klu x blh minta tlg adik ipar beli direct kat boot kan.....kene order by pos la namoaknya nie.....

~jeet~ said...

hehehe... xde la sampai nak bunuh2 ;) nanti sape nak buat CSI, u takde!!

dieya said...

k lieya,
good morning my dear akak! pagi2 dah berjalan ye ;-)
memang best belajar bahasa. dari dulu pun dah teringin nak belajar tapi dah besar panjang ni baru berkesempatan.. hihihi.. baguslah kalau nak hantar si comel2 tu belajar, kids are fast learners. kalau tak masuk chinese school pun takpe, hantar extra class pun boleh pandai.
owh electric pillow tu mmg sesuai sangat utk org pantang kan! takpe2 i think boleh je order by mail. thanks for your support!

hahaha nasib baik! lagipun sapa nak partner ngan u nanti buat homework kan? baik u jgn bunuh i :-D

Aida Rezuan said...

Tuh dia... muka orang tuh sengih2 hepi ngadap buku! Ke depan kamera jek tuh, blakang kamera.. mau banjir! :D

dieya said...

haa.. tau takpe ;-p
i seriously can't wait for the semester break!!!!!