halal feature: Pitta Hut @ Barcelona, Spain

This kebab joint is located in the area called Barceloneta, near to the part of the city that faces the Mediterranean Sea. We first passed by the place while we were on our way to Transbordador Aeri del Port station to ride a cable car from the port to Montjuïc (we later found out that it was actually closed for holidays till January).

It’s Pitta Hut, not Pizza Hut :-D

The place is located along Passeig de Joan de Borbó, at the corner into Carrer de Ginebra. The above photo was taken early in the morning, most stores were closed then. We went there again later in the day after returning from Montjuïc, thankfully it was open so we had our lunch there.

The guy behind the counter thought I was from South Korea.

Halal sign on the window.

Kebab plato – beef.

Kebab plato – chicken.

Enjoying the view of the port, which is somewhere across the road.

Here’s the place on Google map.

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I went there again on my last day in Barcelona. Walked from Estació de Sants alone in the rain (my kid brother stayed at the station to watch our bags as there was no luggage locker there) to get something to eat before boarding our overnight train to Milan. The rain pretty much mirrored my emotions of leaving the city. Oh how I so want to go to Barcelona again!


Lelord said...

tru picca nmpak cam mabelesss jek

dieya said...

memang sgt yummy k lelord! rindu laa nak makan mediterranean style kebab camtu lagi...