halal feature: Rosticceria - Tavola Calda - Cestini da Viaggo @ Rome, Italy

Let me make this clear, I find that in Rome, restaurants hardly feature their names on the signs. Instead, they put the description of the products they offer. For example this particular place has super huge signs saying “rosticceria” (rotisserie - the roasting style to make kebab), “tavola calda” (snack) and “cestini da viaggo” (lunch bag). No restaurant name there. I wonder if it’s only true for small food joints as I don’t think that fancy restaurants in the city are nameless too, not that I have been to any.

See, I told you, no name.

This place is located super near to Termini station. Exit the station to Via Giovanni Giolitti. Cross the road and find a junction into Via Gioberti. Once you enter the junction, the restaurant is only a few steps away.

Hz’s tandoori with bread.

The kid was super hungry he couldn’t wait for me. I paid for the food, turned around and there he was, already halfway through his meal! I screamed at him to pause so I could take a photo while the food still looked decent.

My plate of fragrant rice.

Eaten with mutton curry.

A worker slicing kebabs. There’s a big halal sign on the window.

Here’s the place on Google map.

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Erin said...

Italy ooh Italy...bila akan ku pergi...hehe

dieya said...

mate.. kalu nak pegi roger2 eh?