halal feature: Foreign Restaurant @ Seoul, South Korea

Another halal restaurant in Itaewon. We went on our second visit to the area for the sole purpose of having dinner. It’s a very nicely set-up restaurant that offers Indian and Arabic cuisine. I went for their buffet, the spread was good with several types of curry cooked to perfection. Pjot had naan with chicken gravy.

The place is called Foreign Restaurant.

It’s located along the uphill road heading to Seoul Central Mosque.

Most popular restaurant in Korea, they say.

Lunch set promo.

My first serving and Pjot’s naan.

My second serving.

Pjot’s chicken gravy.

Inside the restaurant. The group on the right (behind the pillar) was having a business discussion.

Love the look and feel.

Pjot enjoying her meal.

I’m full! Owh see the wall deco behind there? Nice!

How to get there? Take the subway to Itaewon station. Get out via exit number 3, you’ll find yourself on Itaewon’s main street. Walk straight ahead for a bit till you see a junction to the right near Dunkin Donuts. Turn into the junction, walk uphill and you will see the restaurant on the left.

Here’s the place on Google map.

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If the map appears all grey, click on the buttons labeled “Map” on the top right corner or the “+” or “-” on the top left until you can see it. I have no idea why it happens, but that’s the only solution I know. Funnily, it only happens when I extract maps of places in Seoul, not anywhere else.


Aida Rezuan said...

Badan kecik molek tapi buleh sampai 2nd serving ye? Hehe!

dieya said...

hahaha jgn pandang takde mata.. perut stokin ni tau! :-D