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Hi there! Miss me?

I’ve been really busy this week. Been sleeping past midnight for 4 nights in a row, doing one assignment after another. Completed 2 write-ups and 1 presentation pack. Still have 2 more write-ups, 1 more presentation pack and 1 mid term exam to go. And of course, the 2 presentation packs have to be presented in due course.

Last night there was a talk by Mizuho at the campus. Had to attend it as part of Corporate Finance class requirement (yes, attendance was taken). Being typical multitasking Malaysian, I was thinking of sitting quietly at the back, doing my assignments while the speaker talked. But then I decided to abandon the idea. It wasn’t like we always get the chance to hear talks from industry players, much less MNCs. Since I was already attending it, might as well make a good use of what it had to offer.

A bit on Mizuho – it’s the name of the suburb where my aunt stays in Tokyo :-p Okay, seriously. Don’t confuse it with the sportswear company, that’s Mizuno (with an N). Mizuho Financial Group is a banking holding company (Mizuho Bank being one of their banks). Their banking businesses rank the third in Japan by market capitalization.

There were two speakers – Mr. Lim who’s an AGM from Singapore office and Abe-san who’s a SVP from Tokyo head office. The topic was “Project Finance”. Both speakers are well-versed in the area, having done project finance in more countries than I can count.

I shall not bore you with the details of project finance, but let me share some interesting points that were discussed by the speakers:

(1) Keppel Corporation

One of the case examples used in the lecture was Keppel Corporation, a Singaporean GLC partly owned by Temasek Holdings (equivalent to Malaysia’s Khazanah Nasional). Keppel Corporation owns Keppel Seghers, which is responsible to build and maintain an incineration (garbage burning) plant in Singapore. The project is a private-public partnership between Keppel Segher and National Environment Agency of Singapore.

What’s so interesting about incineration plant anyway? Hear this: The electricity produced from garbage burning is sold to the energy pool market. The ashes from the waste is sent to Semakau landfill (a small island some 20 km from Singapore main island) to be dumped, topped with soil and grass. Hence the dumpsite looks really clean and green like football fields. They even encourage tourism there.

Singapore’s waste dumpsite – Semakau (photo credit to this page).

Malaysia’s waste dumpsite – Tanah Merah (photo credit to this page).

I shall not say more.

(2) Euro Disneyland

Abe-san mentioned that one of the biggest project finance failure was Euro Disneyland (now known as Disneyland Paris). Just because many people liked Mickey Mouse, they assumed that Europeans liked Mickey Mouse too. And they assumed that Europeans were willing to go to Paris to see Mickey Mouse. It turned out that the crowd at Euro Disneyland was far lower than expected, unlike Tokyo Disneyland which was (and still is) very successful.

My personal opinion is that Europeans are people of class and sophistication. They won’t be caught dead wearing Mickey Mouse ears wandering around Champs-Élysées or Trafalgar Square. Moreover, the location of Disneyland Paris is so far away from the city centre (about 2 hours travel or so), which was the reason why I didn’t go there when I was in Paris, even though I’m a huge Mickey Mouse fan.

(3) Euro Tunnel

Imagine this: A UK company started to build it form UK, while a French company started to build it from France, both at the same time. In the end, the tunnel didn’t meet halfway underground. The result? Very high cost to perform corrective action. Fortunately it’s all well now.

To sum everything up, it was a good session. Glad that I attended it and stayed for the entire talk (half of the hall was gone by break time). Hope there will be more talks from industry players like this in the future.


JaJa'Z said...

patut la senyap jek..rupa2nya bz ye dik....

dieya said...

k jaja,
tu laa, bz sikit this week. banyak betul assignment due minggu ni. exam lagi. ganbatte!

~jeet~ said...

i tgk gak hari-hari..xde update, busy betul ye...my last posting, sesuai utk you ;)

dieya said...

yeah bz laa babe.. hahaha ye ke? i thot i read it yesterday tapi tak terasa plak (nampak sgt blogwalking pun cpt2 coz bz).. nanti i baca balik lah!

エイザト said...

tekejut jap bila ayat first Mizuho tu. haha. lambat skit nak recall pasal Mizuho Bank, padahal hari2 nampak. ^^'

Maya Marisa said...

I remembered watching a documentary on Nat Geo (kalau tak silap) on the Euro Tunnel a couple of years back. Funny rite, at the meeting point between the 2 countries, tetiba, lari spec pulak. Padahal their technology tu dah canggih habis.

Aida Rezuan said...

Hmm.. betul gak ek. Kalo dumpsite cantek gitu, tengok pon rasa tingin nak gi.

* Disneyland Paris memang leceh sket nak gi. Kitorang hari tuh sesat, nasib baik jumpa gak at the end.

dieya said...

hahaha kata tiap2 minggu balik kg mizuho.. bersepah agaknya mizuho bank kat situ :-D

yeah i was like.. for real?? i thought projects at that kind of scale (involving 2 countries pulak tu) should have certain level of monitoring and QC. but then again, english and french.. old rivals :-p
heard there's some plan to build a bridge connecting melaka and dumai, hope we learn from euro tunnel's reason.

itulah i tgk gambar siap ada org gi fishing, jogging, ecotourism bagai.. memang menarik!
yeah my kid brother beria nak pegi, i put my foot down and said no. jauh bangat!

*Jilly* said...

i like this post! <-- cam dlm fb :)

Liza said...

sis, this may not be related to this entry....I am finally doing it, will be enrolling in November Insyallah

dieya said...

thanks babe! you made my day!

k liza,
yeay, finally! so where will you be doing it? tell tell!