03-74924700 - the idiocy of maxis

First it was Celcom, then it was Maxis.

Caller: Hello, is this Ms. XXXXX (my full name)?
Me: Who is this?
Caller: I’m calling from Maxis. You currently pay RM 68 per month for your broadband, right?
Me: Maybe, I don’t remember.
Caller: Do you face any problem while using it? Disconnection maybe?
Me: Well, sometimes, but I guess it’s usual.
Caller: That happens when you use it in KL or Melaka?
Me: In KL.
Caller: What about in Melaka?
Me: I never use it in Melaka.
Caller: We’d like to inform you that beginning this October your bill will be reduced to RM 48 a month.
Me: You call just to tell me that? *Smelling something fishy*
Caller: Yes, but for you to enjoy the discount I need your IC number.
Me: *I knew something’s wrong somewhere!* Why do you need my IC number? Can’t you get it from your system?
Caller: Yes it’s in the system, but I don’t know your name and your IC number.
Me: What do you mean you don’t know my name?! You just said my name!
Caller: Yes I know your name, but I don’t know your IC number.
Me: I find it funny that you can’t get my IC number from the system and you are asking me to spell it out. Go and look inside your system, it’s there!
Caller: I don’t have access to personal information like your IC number. Only my supervisor can access it. I can ask him to access it for me, but in order for me to give you the discount I need you to verify your IC number.
Me: Give me your name and your staff ID. I want to verify your identity.
Caller: My name is XXXXX and my staff ID is XXXXX. You can call Maxis and verify it. If you want the discount you have to cooperate and give me your IC number.
Me: You know what, I will go to Maxis myself and get my discount there.
Caller: No, just give me your IC number, I can give you the discount.
Me: I don’t need you to give me the discount. If I can get it through the phone from you, I surely can get it if I go to Maxis. Unless you are trying to con me!
Caller: I’m confused here. I want to give you the discount but you are not cooperating with me. We have been doing this for more than 2,000 customers since this morning, they all give their IC number.
Me: I’m more confused that you are! You said that you can’t see my IC number from your system and you need me to spell it out?! Do you know how many con cases in Malaysia right now?! And you expect me to disclose to you my IC number?!!
Caller: If you don’t want the discount I have to give it to another customer.
Me: I want the discount and I’m going to go to Maxis and get it myself!!!
Caller: I want to give you the discount, but you have to cooperate with me. If not, I will have to call somebody else.
Me: Go ahead!!!
Caller: Thank you for using Maxis. Have a nice day. Bye.

This happened yesterday, Friday 17 September 2010 at 4:10 pm. The call was made by this number: 03-74924700. To Maxis, if the call was really from your company, check your call log and listen to the ridiculous conversation I had with that idiot. If that is the way you teach your staffs to speak to customers, you better revise your training syllabus, because you have one very irritated customer here!

Yes I do have the idiot’s name and staff ID, but since I’m a person of integrity, I don’t believe in destroying a young man’s future just because of one stupid phone call. There’s also a possibility that he may not be from Maxis after all. Perhaps he’s a con who has stolen a legitimate Maxis staff’s identity to cover up his act. Come on, how can anyone verify that he is who he says he is just over a phone call?

If he is indeed from Maxis, I hope he now knows better than to insult another customer’s intelligence. The next person who picks up the phone may not be as forgiving as I am and he may end up with a huge red mark on his career record for the rest of his life!


Aida Rezuan said...

Well.. I think you did good, you know. Maxis should be able to access all its clients data, more when they're calling the clients. No harm in being extra careful these days.

* faced similar situation with so-called Maybank staff. turned out to be a con.

dieya said...

agreed, better be safe than sorry. crimes happen in all forms now. gosh.. that maybank situation of yours is exactly what i want to avoid!

Liza said...

i was working with maxis for nearly 4 years and the reason given by the so called staff is so stupid, i think everyone else should be aware not to simply reveal their IC number or any other personal details for that matter over the phone, con men are really creative nowadays

JaJa'Z said...

huh! membara jek akak baca entri dieya ni..setakat ni akak tak pernah kena dengan mana2 skt telekomunikasi..tapi akak pernah terkena dengan staff court mammonth...memang kuang ajar la..siap ugut2 akak plak..dah kita tak jadi beli, dia dok paksa2 jugak..last2 bley dia cakap " kalau mcm tu kami terpaksa black list nama puan!" then dia terus letak phone without say sorry or something nice...nak je akak pi serang kat court mammonth tu...

dieya said...

k liza,
that's so true! i wonder why maxis has didn't think of this when they develop the call script for their staffs.

k jaja,
that call memang betul2 spoil my mood. nasib baik petang jumaat dah nak weekend. betul laa k jaja, rasa nak serang maxis time tu jugak! amboi org courts tuh siap main ugut2 k jaja yek? melampau sungguh!

niSamiR said...

Yesssszzzaaa..silly case dieya...me got troublesome with MB people ( yeah but still dunno whether I was con or not...)she asked me my expiry date of my CC for verification...verication of what, i dunno..i told her silly2 answer and i straight away call cc centre..n guess what, another person told me that they will never called us for verification unless we called them first!...n the mistake was I forgot to ask her name and her staff no..but she never stopped to call me until one day I told her that I had already verfied my expiry date...that's it...people..people...

Maya Marisa said...

Apa punya crook la. Nak commit crime but not professional enough. Also, lagi nak con ex-consultant..yea tak? hahaha. Not worry dear. Scam like this happens a lot. We just have to be as cunning as them :)

エイザト said...

If you search that number on google.com.my kan, you can find a lot of people complaining (not suprisingly, including your blog!). Haha. One of the example below, sampai 10pages dier nye reply thread. :D

dieya said...

omg that's so scary! and the fact that they never stop calling you.. gosh.. aren't they relentless!

itulah ada hati nak con the ex-consultant :-p
been there done that (sort of), their tricks are in my pocket!

wahahaha glamer la kejap. feeling really good now that i know i'm not the only one!

ZuNas77 said...

bagus Nadiah..sangat tak munasabah boleh tau nama and phone number tapi tak boleh view ic number dlm system!!..kalau tak boleh view, lantak pi la situ. ada hati nak suruh org say it outloud. gila ke hapa

dieya said...

tu laa.. tak pasal2 je spoil my mood that day. nasib baik friday petang so ingat nak weekend je. ntah apa alasan mengarut laa tak boleh view kan!