who’s trying to hack my account?

I got this e-mail yesterday.

Dear Nadiah,

On August 17, 2010, at XX:XX pm, your account activity shows that you tried to recover your account password for Yahoo! ID XXX*** (the ID is partially hidden for your protection). You may reset your password on August XX, 2010, after XX:XX pm by answering the secret question you chose for your account.

For security reasons, the secret question will expire on August XX, 2010, at XX:XX pm.

Not you? Simply sign in to your account, and we will continue to hide the option to reset your password by answering your secret question. Please update you password-reset info. If you forget your password in the future, we will use this information to help you reset it.

If you believe your account has been compromised, please change your password now. Choose a strong password.

Yahoo! Account Services

Note: I’ve replaced some details with XXX for privacy purposes.

When I got that e-mail, I was shocked. SHOCKED. Who on earth is trying to access to my account?

Yes, I have changed my password. Immediately.

To whoever’s doing this, there’s no point of you doing this to me. I don’t safeguard national secrets. I don’t date princes or presidents or even their peasants. I don’t have zillions of money hiding in the Caribbean. Heck, I haven’t even been to the Caribbean. Sounds like a nice place though.

Most importantly, I’m not even important!

Go find someone else that’s worth your effort, okay?


JaJa'Z said...

uik..ada jugak macam tu ka punya orang..dah takde kerja lain kot..hehe

ZuNas77 said...

mesti secret admirer you nih...hehehehe

dieya said...

k jaja,
itulah cuba laa buat benda yg lebih berfaedah bulan2 puasa ni kan.. hish!

hahaha secret admirer amenda nyer, nak korek secret i ada laa!

Liza said...

my theory sama mcm zu...secret admirer kot? trus tringat at mr sg udang ;)

ahkakbatik said...

kaktek selalu dapat emel dari jutawan nigeria nak bagi duit ratus ribu dollar, euro...

nanti dah kayo kaktek sponsor seumur hidup kicap kipas udang kat dieya ek....

dieya said...

k liza,
cehhh.. ada ke! and here i thought hacker mana laa trying to still my identity.

k tek,
uih banyak tu.. makcik kayo! bagus2 kalu dapat sponsor sos cili pedas ala2 McD sekali adalah lebih afdal.. puas carik kat giant tak jumpa, kat walmart ada?

Aida Rezuan said...


Uiks! Uiks! I know who! (sambil angkat tangan nak menjawab soklan).

It's Mr. Cc! It's how they operate.. in silence and invisible.


Ok, in serious note.. I do hope it doesn't happen again to you. Yea, choose password combined with numbers (like Mr Cc's birthday) to make it more complicated.

dieya said...

amboiii penuh semangat dan jiwa raga señorita ni nak menjawab soklan!
hish ni lagi sorang.. tak habis2 jadi pengarah telenovela :-p
yeah i do mix different characters in the password (not anyone's birthday though, si aida ni sempat lagi tu.. ceh!) so much so that it takes a while for me to type it in everytime. kalau tak secure jugak tah tau laa.. hmmmph!