teachers come, teachers go

Remember my entry on the lecturer that can hardly be understood? Guess what, he’s going to be replaced! Yeah, the faculty decided to replace him with another lecturer. The faculty sent an e-mail to all students to inform us about it.

Wonder if there was any complaint made to the faculty that resulted in this action, as they don’t normally change lecturers in the middle of the semester. Whoever did it, I just have one word to say: THANKS!

Can’t wait to go to class this evening to see if the new lecturer is better than the one before ;-)

On a similar yet unrelated note, another lecturer is leaving UM. He’s a Kiwi (which means his English is perfect) and a great lecturer. Yet the commercial world is way more lucrative, hence he’s leaving. He does have some plan to do part time teaching (once a teacher, always a teacher) but not in UM. Perhaps it’s the money bit. Some of my lecturers did say that UM’s pay scale is really low, being a government university and all. However, there’s nothing much the management can do about it.

My seniors did mention that many great lecturers who taught them before had left over recent years. I’m not saying that the new lecturers are not good. There are those who are really talented and have lots of experience in their subject matter. But because of a few that are performing below expectation (being professionals we do expect our lecturers to be of certain standard), people do wonder what does that say of the faculty’s talent quality.

Perhaps the problem is not just unique to the MBA program. My former Spanish teacher was a lecturer in UM too (he taught at Instituto Cervantes on part-time basis). He only stayed for a year or so, before making his move to Bangkok. And he was a really good teacher.

It’s sad to see the UM losing great talents due to lower-than-average compensation package. Being the oldest university in Malaysia, one would have thought they would be the first to know how to overcome this.

Oh well, perhaps they are still learning too…


Mamamya said...

alhamdulillah.....akhirnya.... ;)

harap2 yg baru ni lbh baik dr yg sblmnya kan....klu x mesti "blurr" lagi bila masuk kelas.... ;)

dieya said...

alhamdulillah, cikgu baru ni walaupun sama keturunan dgn yg lama, but he's 1000x better! senang faham apa dia cakap and dia pandai explain the subject. i'm so glad!