saying no to dubai

One recent afternoon, a senior colleague at work, Mr. A, suddenly called me.

Mr. A: Do you want to work in Dubai?
Me: Huh? Why do you ask?
Mr. A: We need more people in Dubai office. They are having a tough time finding local people there to do the work.

I thought so too. It’s hard to get local Emiratis to do mundane desk job. They are born privileged. Why would they bother doing office work at a small pay, when their men can earn a fortune running family businesses and their women can go shopping all day!

Mr. A: So how? But you need to quit your job here. They’ll re-recruit you there as local hire. You’ll get paid as a local.

Okay, that doesn’t sound too good. Local hire means I won’t be entitled for EPF in Malaysia, which is a huge deal. And local pay means I don’t get paid as an expat, which is not good. Everyone knows expats get much better pay than locals. What’s the point of working overseas if you can’t get expat salary?

Standard of living in Dubai is high. Rental must be paid a year in advance. Food is expensive, especially for yours truly who can’t cook to save her life. Taxi fare is mindboggling, especially if you stay far away from your workplace. Then comes the balancing act between staying nearby and pay high rental, or staying far away and pay low rental but high taxi fare.

Money aside, I’m currently doing my MBA. If I go there now, when am I going to finish my MBA?

Me: I don’t think so Mr. A. Let me ask around if anyone else is interested.

As much as it saddens me to say no to such opportunity, perhaps it’s not my rezeki just yet. If only the question comes to me after I get hold of my MBA scroll, with better compensation scheme that inflates my disposable income and allows for significant contribution to my retirement piggy bank, I’ll definitely catch the first flight to Dubai.

It’s okay *pujuk hati sendiri*. InshaAllah, something better will come along in the future, if not in this manner, perhaps in some other. I have faith in that!

P.S.: Pjot, if you’re reading this, remember when we were in Dubai you kept telling me to get transferred there so you could visit me every year during summer sale and we could go shopping together? So close to coming true, but not just yet. Waiting for better things to come, inshaAllah!

P.P.S.: They have identified a person to take the post, a Malaysian guy. I met him yesterday to brief him on the things my department requires him to do when he gets there. Wishing him the best of luck!


JaJa'Z said...

takpe la..blom rezeki dieya lagi nak dok kat sana tu..maybe one tu lah..dok dubai tu kos sara hidup tinggi bebenor...for vacation ok la kot..kalau dok sana..kalau akak, pk dulu kot..

~jeet~ said...

betul tu.. living outside malaysia defintely the xpat status is a great deal, even my company don't hire much expats anymore, local terms memang la susah... get married to a local there..hahaha... bole melalut sampai pi situ pulak..

anyhow, as people say when one window closes, there is another door that opens, so buena suerte ;)

el isman said...

peluang mcm ni la saya dok tunggu.kalau ada kosong lagi pls let me know.thnks

p/s bertuahnye that guy yg dpt tu.

dieya said...

k jaja,
thanks for your consoling words :-) itulah dok fikir sara hidup, takut tak tersara pulak kalu dapat gaji local terms kan. mana nak save utk hari tua lagi. dah i ni suka shopping, dubai tu shopper's heaven.. aiyark!

yeah when i heard the words local terms terus tak bersemangat dah. hahaha amboi2 cik jeet, lately dok cakap pasal kawin laa, diamond laa.. ada apa2 nak announce ka?
owh i love that quote! waiting for that big open door! muchas gracias chica!

kalau ada kosong i sambar dulu.. hahaha! inshaAllah kalu ada opening for external ppl i will put it up here mcm selalu.
bertuah kan dia? when i met him yesterday i couldn't help but to think it could have been me.. but it's okay, waiting for better things to come inshaAllah!

sheri said...

takpe dieya, bukan rezeki tuh. lagipun there is no place like hom (Malaysia) where the family are always there for u. dok negara orang mula2 mcm best, tapi tak sebest mana pun :(. Tapi dah qada' dan qadar masing2 kan.. Take care

dieya said...

thanks babe, means a lot coming from a expat like yourself :-)
i heard so too, mula2 rasa best mcm pegi holiday, then when reality sinks in, baru tau hujan emas ke batu ke diamond ke (diamond lagi! jeet suka nih hehehe) kan..
yeah, praying for the best, always!

Siti Roffini said...

I think when you were in Dubai some time ago, your bulu roma hampir nak jatuh tapi tak jadi. That's what they say, yes?. Kalau betul-betul jatuh, then you must be on your way to Dubai by now. I'm sure there'll be lots of other opportunities for you in time to come. Insya Allah.
Selamat Berpuasa.

dieya said...

aunty siti,
hahaha that's funny! nak kena tunggu bulu roma jatuh rupanya yek? takpe, i'll keep that in mind. the next time i go to a place that i like, must remember tu pluck my bulu roma and leave it there :-D
thanks aunty siti, selamat berpuasa to you too!

ahkakbatik said...

ala yang... i've been to dubai. abe gapo use to work in bahrain, seriuosly speaking, you didn't lose anything by turning down the offer.

cari tempat ada salji le dek non...baru besh tepek gambo pakai jeket...hikhik...

Liza said...

it's ok, you are still young, Insyallah more good opportunities will come your way especially after you have completed your MBA. Sure your value proposition will increase tremendously...

dyanna said...

never mind. there will be plenty more opportunities to come in many different shapes and sizes.

lucky said...

its okay dieya.. rezeki di tempat lain.. inshaAllah :)

wishing you all the best in your MBA! and also in life :)

dieya said...

k tek,
wahhh jauh k tek ikut abe gapo merantau yek! thanks, i think i did the right thing :-)
hahaha betul2, tunggu offer gi europe ka.. amerika ka.. boleh main salji. kalu gi amerika i bring u supply petai sama kicap kipas udang okeh!

k liza,
thanks! can't wait to complete my MBA :-)
speaking of MBA, how's your plan to go back to school? jadi?

hahaha thanks for the assurance! many shapes and sized eh? can't wait :-D

amin! thanks very much babe!

~jeet~ said...

dieya, actually i teringat abt when you met the lady in the plane about the perks of local in qatar and all, tu la yg bole, no announcement yet,still waiting for things to come ;)

Liza said...

dieya, jadik Insyallah. will be starting this december. wish me luck!

dieya said...

hahaha owh ya, that arab lady. wonderful kan all the perks there!
yeah, let us all pray for the best in life :-)

k liza,
how wonderful! good luck times a zillion! i'm sure you can do it, the way you can do everything else!