ramadhan cards

To be honest, sometimes I can get a little clueless when it comes to bloggers etiquettes. Case in point, it took me a while to realize that when a blogger flash his/her Ramadhan card, you should pick it up, display it on your blog and give credit to that person. I only noticed that I should do that when I went to other people’s blog and they had many cards displayed with words like “thanks to so and so for such pretty card” etc.

So to my creative friends with pretty Ramadhan cards, thank you!

From Kak Rozi and Zaza, friends at work who don’t blog but read my blog. Got this via e-mail.

From Kak Lelord, a housewife in Doha and mama to, who else, dak kenit Najlaa yang comel.

From Jeet, a Spanish class buddy and fellow football fanatic.

From Aida, a chef wannabe in Huelva and soon-to-be saudagar rempah Rass El Hanout.

From Azrin, a mum of two boys who’s always busy at work and at home.

From Nisa, a doctor, lecturer, master student and mummy to baby Aryssa.

Anymore Ramadhan cards for me to pick up?

P.S.: Sorry, no Ramadhan card from me, just a simple wish of Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan and doa that it’s going to be a blessed one for all of us. Perhaps I’ll do a Hari Raya card later if I have the time ;-)


~jeet~ said...

oo..camtu ek? i taktau la plak, i just like to letak pics yang cantik (tho bukan i yg amik),
but anyhoo..its a wish for all ;) especially my first follower,

watch out card raya, normally i buat sendiri, x amik kat google image dah..:)

ZuNas77 said...

hahaha..ada Ramadhan card gak ke?

I baru nak buat Raya Card for Cikgu2 Arsyad..and of coz dgn gambar budak gedik tu kan..hehehe

dieya said...

hahaha good, bukan i sorang je yg oblivious rupanya :-D
wah nak buat sendiri tu! nnt dah tayang let me know, i gi kutip. menarik gak idea buat sendiri. if i hv the time nak buat sendiri gak laa. letak gambar apa ye? muka i? hahaha!
your first follower happily accepting your card!

dieya said...

ehh musti ada! i je yg takde :-p
bz laa ramadhan time accounts closing ni, tak sempat tunjuk creativity design kad..wah macam laa kreatif sgt diriku ini hahaha! nak jugak raya card muka arsyad! nnt tayang tau!

azrin said...

dieya, ur statement makes me realize that i don't have time for myself... but, i'm still happy... :)

dieya said...

hey it's okay babe, what matters most is that u r happy :-)

niSamiR said...

wahhhh dieya....suke2..;)...selamat berpuasa k...tak puasa hari kurang 1 rinngit:p

dieya said...

hahaha great! selamat berpuasa 2 u 2! alamak confirm laa akan kurang 7-8 ringgit ni.. nak wat camner.. kata org pompuan :-p

Aida Rezuan said...


Oooooo.. gitu ek? Tak tau la pulak (sama kes la nih, hehe!).

Yup, put up your Raya card in advance tau! :)

dieya said...

hahaha ada lagi rupanya yg tak tahu menahu yek ;-D
okay will try to.. wah pressure ni nak kena design kad raya pulak.. hahaha!