i have a date

Not just one date, but many dates!

Kurma @ tamar @ dates! :-D

This one was given by a former colleague. She’s a former stewardess. After reaching her maximum flying age (stewardess can’t fly till retirement you know :-p) she switched to desk job and worked in my department. Recently she quit her job to focus on her family. Still, the company is very much dear to her heart. When she was still working, she would donate dates to everyone a week before Ramadan. Even now that she has left, she still continues the tradition. By the way, the best part is, she’s not even Muslim, she’s a native Sarawakian. Isn’t Malaysia a harmonious country? :-)

The dates are from Tunisia, somewhere in North Africa. They taste really good!

Guess I’m spared from being lured by those breathy Yusuf Taiyoob commercial this time. By the way, am I the only one that finds the advertisement annoying?


JaJa'Z said...

ku pikirkan kau sudah mau berdating..hehheheh rupanya kurma la pulekkkkkk...akak pun tak start beli kurma lagi ni untuk buka puasa..searching for..."Yusooofffffff Taiyoooobbbbbb".....wispering :p

Siti Roffini said...

I can't help smiling when I reached the part about Yusof Taiyoob. You're right, it's quite annoying. Is he promoting himself or his dates. Two in one, may be. But, you know what, I saw a box of it in my fridge thrown in about two days ago by xnuripilot. Oh dear, looks like Yusof Taiyoob will be with us throughout Ramadhan.

dieya said...

k jaja,
hahaha tipah tertipu kah? sorry! :-D
jimat dah tak payah beli kurma. kalu beli pun takmo laa beli yusuf taiyoob.. coz menyampah dengar iklan dia.. hahaha!

aunty siti,
glad that i'm not the only one who thinks it's weird! i really don't understand the rationale behind the breathy Yusooofffffff Taiyoooobbbbbb".. oh well, i guess it did work though, since mr. xnuripilot already got a box :-D

Aida Rezuan said...


Isk.. sekilas nampak tajuk entry tuh, dalam kepala dah terbayang candle light dinner ke hapa tau! Tak baik sungguh! Hehe!

Yea I find the advertisement extremely annoying that everytime it came up, I muted the tv.

Liza said...

suspen jer, ingatkan mr cc the sequel...and you are not the only one annoyed, i am annoyed too especially when after many years, i fail to see the relevance...

knitfreak-to-be said...

hahaha..i wish the marketing team is reading these comments, sure tukar buat commercial lain plak ;p

dieya said...

hahaha.. sowie! i so want to mute the tv too, tapi tak kuasa laa pulak kalu everytime iklan tu keluar kena berlari cari remote.. so tahan je laa telinga.. hahaha!
wait, u hv Yusooofffffff Taiyoooobbbbbb in huelva?

k liza,
wahahahahaha! ingat samarinda ke hari2 ada episod terbaru :-p
i know! totally can't get the breathy bit!

i hope so! tolonglah.. if not, looks like we'll hv to listen to it for 30 days in a row sementara tunggu azan. ish!

Lelord said...

dieya akak pun dah de dates...
sepeti QR12 jek

raya akak balik bp/mlka...4 sept balik ngan dak kenit aje...terus amik cab balik umah MIL kat durian tunggal. keta kan parking sana hehehhe

dieya said...

k lelord,
wah.. kalau duit mesia tak dalam RM10 je kan? sepeti tu! kenyang laa makan kurma, takyah makan benda lain dah :-D
oic, lama balik cuti? if u r in melaka on first hari raya (malam), dtg laa rumah, my parents buat makan2. e-mail me for the directions.