halal feature: Zeeshan Kebabish Restaurant @ Barcelona, Spain

We went to this restaurant on a rainy December evening. The sky was dark and the weather was chilly, so there weren’t many people around the usually crowded La Rambla area. From La Rambla, we took a turn into Carrer de la Unió and walked straight into Carrer del Marqués de Barberà to find the restaurant. Geographically speaking, it is somewhere to the south of Rambla del Raval, so you can reach it from there too.

Zeeshan Kebabish (ZK) Restaurant is located at Carrer del Marqués de Barberà, 26.

Inside of the restaurant. We were the only patrons at that time.

My main meal was chicken with curry and spices (can’t recall the name) on the right. The rest were side dishes.

My plate of fragrant rice.

Hz had beryani, again! Can’t recall if it was chicken or mutton or beef.

That’s my mango lassi. Slurp!

According to Hz, this place served the best beryani that he had throughout the trip (needless to say both of us had more than our fair share of beryani across different parts of Europe). Anyway, I really like the chicken gravy. Owh by the way, I remember a line in the menu book saying something about patrons having to wait about 15 minutes or so for the meals to be ready as they are prepared fresh. 15 minutes for a serving of fresh yummy curry? That’s one wait I don’t mind at all!

Here’s the location on Google map.

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Aida Rezuan said...

15 minutes for fresh meals? Yup, mega wouldn't mind at all! And the meals look gorgeous!

dieya said...

agreed! what is 15 minutes when you can get a fresh meal, and a good one at it. yeah every single dish was superb. definitely worth the walk in the rain!