halal feature: Restaurant Creperie Chouchou @ Paris, France

This restaurant serves hearty portion of kebab in a plate. Yummy too. To be honest, I can’t recall exactly if they serve anything else (perhaps they do) as I only remember eating kebab there. Got some pics to prove it.

Hz’s plate. He got something that was served with both bread and chips. Hungry teenage kid.

My plate. I really enjoyed it. The chicken was cooked in really nice spices.

A view from where we sat.

See the guy who was manning the counter? Look at how he dressed. He might be making kebabs, but he dressed as if he was going to the office, in pressed shirt! That’s Paris people for you, always stylish!

The restaurant from outside. It’s called Restaurant Creperie Chouchou.

Look at the menu above the entrance, they actually sell lots of things there (though I only remember a variety of kebabs to choose from). And check-out the big fat halal sign, that’s the most important part.

This place is located near to Strasbourg - Saint-Denis metro station. By the way, the metro station is underground, beneath a cross-junction between Boulevard Saint-Denis (the main stretch), Boulevard de Strasbourg and Boulevard de Sébastopol. You’re confused, I know. Look at the Google map down below and you’ll understand what I mean.

Once you get out of the metro station, head into Boulevard de Strasbourg (there’s KFC at the corner). The restaurant is only two doors away from KFC, you can practically see it from there.

Here’s the Google map.

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Erin said...

ish, mencabar keimanan pagi2 nie tgk gmbar makanan sodap2! :P

dyanna said...

argh.. i can hear my stomach rumbling... grookk grook kroeakrok..
(lebih kurang la bunyi cam tu).

dieya said...

sorry! hihihi! dugaan bulan puasa ek :-p
just had to put this up before i start forgetting the facts. actually, already forgotten some.. haish!

mine is growling too! aiyoo.. how many hours more? *counting*

ladyana polkadot said...

Hai sis, boleh i just google this place and i saw yr blog. Bolehni tau u stay mana ya waktu melawat kat sini. Coz i akn pergi sini nti ats urusan kerja. And 1 more thing, area strasbourg yg paling mudah nk beli atau mkn mknn halal. Thanx sis kalau dpt share.. coz now i tgh survey2 lokasi nk stay n mkn.. hehe

dieya said...

ladyana polkadot,
hi there. saya stay di area Opera, berdekatan Galeries Lafayette. kat sekitarnya pun ada beberapa kedai2 halal, tak perlu ke Strasbourg pun takpe.