halal feature: Mackenzie Rex Restaurant @ Prinsep Street, Singapore

This place is said to serve the best chicken rice in Singapore. My relatives there told me that it had appeared in Singaporean newspapers many times. Though famous for chicken rice, it also serves plenty other Chinese-style dishes.

The restaurant is called Mackenzie Rex Restaurant, located at 66 Prinsep Street.

Halal logo on the menu book.

Are these tofu? Or prawn fritters? Can’t remember. I only remember dipping them in mayonnaise.

My plate of chicken rice.

That’s the chicken!

Mixed veges with seafood and tofu. Yummy!

My favourite, crispy cuttlefish. Love it!

Here’s the place on Google map.

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This is definitely THE place to go for halal Chinese food in Singapore. The lady who served our table was from mainland China, I think (guessing from her accent). My aunt said she’s the owner’s daughter-in-law. Nothing better than a family-run restaurant, the recipes must have been passed for generations.

You know what, it has a website too! Click here to get there.


-farahsu- said...

been there too dgn mkngah n irfan...jom nxt wkend, buka puasa kt sane..by train?

dieya said...

u mean the coming 28/8 weekend? takleh laa, i hv mid term nx week. kena study babe!

-farahsu- said...

huhu..okeh..study2 hard n all d best nadiah ;)..lps midterm, blhla raya sakan :D

dieya said...

thanks! lepas mid term kena siapkan assignments melambak2.. iskkk.. sakan kah.. sakan buat kerja sekolah kots.. huhuhu!

Mackenzie Rex Restaurant said...

now mackenzie rex restaurant on facebook. check it out.

dieya said...

mackenzie rex restaurant,
thanks for dropping by my blog. facebook eh? nice!