halal feature: Bar Restaurante Mediterraneo @ Barcelona, Spain

This is the first halal restaurant that I went to in Barcelona. It’s a nicely set-up place serving Moroccan food, just a short walk from La Rambla.

The restaurant’s name is Bar Restaurante Mediterraneo, located at Carrer de l'Hospital, 101.

As we just arrived from Madrid that morning and went straight to explore Barcelona, by the time we stopped for lunch we were already very hungry. So we went for full course of soup, main dish and dessert. It was a good call as the food was great and the service was excellent.

Inside the restaurant, waiting for our food. It was winter, which was why I was wrapped-up in a cocoon.

Here comes the soup! This is harihara, a type of Moroccan soup.

This is bisara, soup made of peas.

Some pickled fruits as appetizers.

Ah, the main dish is here! This is pollo con patatas @ chicken with potatoes.

Tajin de ternera @ tajine of calf. It was really good!

The halal sign.

That’s the place from the outside. That little boy is the owner’s son. Such a cutie!

Here’s the place on Google map:

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It’s easy to find. From La Rambla, get onto Carrer de l'Hospital and go straight all the way (ignoring several junctions to your left and right). After about 10 minutes walk, you’ll find the restaurant on your left.


JaJa'Z said...

akak tengah kekenyangan ni ..baru lepas men'satay' kan diri dengan jiran2 kat belakang umah..best sangat..bila tengok gambo makanan tu buat akak jdkenyang terlampau..tak daya tgk makanan dah...

Aida Rezuan said...


Your entry made me remember the time we were in Granada. Makan kat home-restaurant of Morocco couple. Punya la banyak di serve kan couscous dengan daging bagai dalam tagine, bila makan tak abes, beriya dia suruh tapau. Sedap and homey! *tp tak ingat nama tempat :(

dieya said...

k jaja,
amboi.. makan satay pulak! meh sini sikit! last sekali makan satay masa pegi satay kajang lepas tengok F1 bulan 4 hari tu. uih.. lamanya tak makan satay.

siap tapau lagi! actually masa order tak tau pun apa benda masakan tagine tu, nampak "ternera" je terus order coz rasa nak makan daging :-D fortunately it was tasty!
owh i so want to go to granada one day!

. de baloon. said...

haish.. best nye kak.. bile la nk dpt pluang mcm ni ;p
travel sane sini..

dieya said...

inshaAllah your time will come. for now, study rajin2, get good results. dulu the interviewer for my first job pernah cakap "good results are always door openers". kak dieya ingat tu sampai sekarang. nowadays it's getting more and more difficult for fresh grads to fight in the job market, so pastikan pointer gempak so that u can get a good job!

Ahmad said...

Just wanted to leave a note to say thanks. My fiancee and I will be going to Spain for our honeymoon and your posts on Halal food will make the trip much easier on us.

dieya said...

u r most welcome :-) glad to know that you find the entries helpful. congrats to you and your fiance. spain is a lovely country! have fun!