free day friday

Funny thing about working in one state and living in another is that you sometimes get your public holidays mixed up. Though Subang and KL are not that far apart, the fact that one is in Selangor and the other is in Wilayah Persekutuan means that there are bound to be some differences in public holidays. Case in point, I didn’t notice that my office was going to be closed yesterday for Nuzul Quran until three days ago when I told a colleague to get back to me with some info by Friday and he replied, “Nobody’s working this Friday!” Even then, I found it hard to believe him, so when I got home I quickly checked my ever reliable “kalendar kuda” just to confirm the fact. True enough, Friday was an off day for Selangor, woohoo!

Since I got a class last night, I had to stay in town for the day. So I took the chance to do some shopping, hoping that the crowd would be lesser than usual as KLians were at work.

I thought wrong. Just look at the crowd at Sogo. That was at 10:30am, the mall had only been open for half an hour!

Raya decorations at Sogo with kuda kepang theme.

I love Sogo for their huge selection of handbags and shoes at affordable prices. Mission of the day was to get a pair of shoes to match my Raya outfit. Went round and round several floors hoping that something would catch my eyes, until I saw…

…these! Gorgeous Zang Toi shoes! Must have them! MUST!

After 3 hours in Sogo I got what I wanted plus a pair of work pants that was really cheap (about RM38) yet comfy. I was so proud of myself to be able to resist the temptation of buying anything else, though there was one beige handbag that looked really cool, also a red and white one that would go very well with my polka dot shoes. But no, didn’t buy them. Hope they wouldn’t appear in my dreams tonight.

Next stop was KLCC. Didn’t find anything that I fancy, so I went to Kampung Baru instead. Mission: To find nasi ambeng wrapped in daun pisang at Pasar Ramadhan Kampung Baru (yes, my search wasn’t over). Too bad it was only 4pm so many stalls weren’t open yet. But the sky was getting dark so I couldn’t wait much longer. So I just grabbed whatever that was available, one of it being the infamous bubur lambuk Kampung Baru. By the way, the outlook of the bazaar was really beautiful – the big colorful umbrellas, the many types of food, the Malaysian flags flying around – too bad I didn’t bring my red baby and I left my mobile phone in the car, so no photo here. Or else some people in the US and Spain might hit the roof now ;-)

By the time I got home it was raining really heavily. Dropped the shopping stuff, picked up my school stuff and headed to class. Wanna guess how the traffic looked like on a rainy Friday evening in KL during Ramadhan?

There you go. I was stuck along this stretch for like 45 minutes.

Wonder who typed in the sign on the board. Raja Laut’s descendants gonna flip!

Owh by the way, I just have to put this photo up. These gorgeous pair of glittering purple and gold made me smile all day.

No prize for guessing what’s the color of my Raya outfit this year :-p


Maya Marisa said...

amboi cik kak, lip lapX2 nyer kasut u... terjealous
ur baju raya pun bling bling jugak ker dieya? :)

JaJa'Z said...

wah! bling2 ha..really nice shoe....manarik2...tahniah sebab dapat menahan nafsu memborong barang2 kat sogo..hehhe

dieya said...

raya tahun ni punya theme is bling bling.. perasan kimora lee simmons kejap.. hahaha! what's your raya theme?

k jaja,
hehehe thanks! susah tau nak elak dari beli benda lain, especially time sale. fortunately i prepared a shoping list, so i kept telling myself "stick to the list.. stick to the list.." saiko diri sendiri :-p

Erin said...

cute shoes! aku dah 2thn beraya x beli kasut, mate...xtau kenapa xda perasaan haha

dieya said...

laa boleh ke takde perasaan nak beli kasut :-p
it's okay mate, kasut lama banyak kan? jgn ko kaki ayam pepagi raya sudah!

Erin said...

muahaha, pelik kan? g masjid pkai selipar jepun jek haha. well, selalunye yg berkenan susah nak carik sizelah. apparently kaki aku mengembang sejak post-puberty so sgt susah dpt size, unless g Vincci yg mana design semua sama je...boring tul. maybe tahun ni ade nafsu nak beli kasut kot after looking at you bling2 Zang Toi :P

ahkakbatik said...

eleh... nyampah!
tunggulah ko dah banak-pinak.... takdenya nak sarung kasut camtu lagik...

arrrghh dengki ya amat!

el isman said...

hahaha the last comment memang sempoi relity bites...

kasut Zhang toi memng gorgeous utk raya this year tapi yg tak tahan jamm kat KL.Nasi ambeng kat mana nak cari and why so special?

CUTI panjang le gamaknye sampai selasa ni. and HAPPY Merdeka to all the blog readers.

dieya said...

owh gi masjib confirm pakai selipar jepun, kalu pakai bling2 itu terlebih sudah. yeah go ahead and get yourself a nice pair of shoes, it will lift up your spirits!

k tek,
ngehehehe sementara belum beranak pinak ni baik pakai kan. ala k tek, tengok artis hollywood tu anak berderet still glam apa. k tek pun boleh!

hahaha that's k tek for you!
nasi ambeng i still can't find it in kl, pegi kg baru awal sangat maybe gerai nasi ambeng belum bukak. specialnya, the javanese style side dishes and nasi makan sekali dengan mi.
happy merdeka to you too!

Aida Rezuan said...

Waaaaaaaah! Siap lip lap kasut raya orang tuh ye? Hehe! Mesti tunjuk tayang outfit raya nanti tau!

dieya said...

hihihi kata raya kan, mesti laa glam! inshaAllah come raya i'll tayang my outfit head to toe, jgn meluat sudah :-D

~jeet~ said...

i tak shopping raya lagi....!!! (yet my budget dah nak exceed the limit ni...huwaaaaaa!!!!!)

dieya said...

haven't even shop for raya yet already hitting your budget limit? u beli apa babe? rumah baru ke?
or settlekan hutang2 lapuk kat SA? :-p

Fertzy said...

kelass nyahhh kasuttttt!!

i pon nak glemer2 gak kasut raya, tp nyah pengalaman lepas, nanti kasut tumit halus mak tertanam dlm tanah masa jalan2 dkt kampong, mak fedap nyah!

alasan utk mak tidak berkasut gojes dikampong..wakakkakaka

dieya said...

mekacih! muahahaha kalu dah tau pakai kasut tumit tajam membunuh apesal pegi lalu tanah gambut.. lalau ler jalan tar.. pasti selamat!

Liza said...

i love the shoes!!! i want one too!!! anyway, it's been ages since i've been to sogo, still happening from the pics

dieya said...

k liza,
i know! :-D
saw the exact same pair (also a few other in different colours) at isetan klcc with 10% disc (20% for members). u should go and grab em over lunch tomorrow!

ZuNas77 said...

tak suka bila selangor cuti KL gak yg jammed!!..tension skrg i kena cuti if Selangor cuti coz sekolah Arsyad kat selangor..hahaha

Cantiknya kasut..Zang Toi lagi..price pun ok kan..i tak shopping apa2 lagi..

eh, nape dtg KLCC tak nak call????

dieya said...

aik sekolah main2 pun ada cuti jugak ke?
mmg cantik n affordable! i sekali tengok terus berkenan. kat sogo klcc pun ada.
hahaha saja menyombong takmo call korang :-p alaaa.. kalu i call pun bukan bleh makan2 kat chili's ke apa, baik i focus shopping kan. nnt lepas raya kita lepak jom!