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What is it about people who can gossip endlessly till the sun goes down, but when given the chance to hold the microphone and stand in front of the crowd, they run away?

“I can’t do public speaking, I get nervous.” – Isn’t it time for you to conquer your fear?

“Heee! I tak boleh! Tak boleh! Tak boleh!” – Fine, I get it, you tak boleh.

“I rather sit at the back.” – Duh! Even a 3 year old kid can do that.

“Takde orang lain ke?” – Why is every single person asking me to find another?

“Why don’t you do it?” – Trust me, if I’m able to do it, I won’t bother asking you.

In actual fact, I’ve been doing it many times, for many events. I’m literally the unofficial in-house emcee in my department. I’ve also been called to help out as emcee for events organized by other departments. I’m thankful for the skill that Allah has bestowed upon me and I don’t mind sharing it with others. But on that one particular day that I can’t do it, all I ask is for your favor to replace me. Can one of you help me out, just this once?

You know me, I don’t say no to being an emcee for no good reason. More so because I know how hard it is to find someone to do the job. Just so you know, I’ve been called to attend a super duper important meeting involving people from many different departments at top level (sense the importance?) on the same day at the same time as the event. There’s no way I can skip the meeting for the sake of emceeing (and the event is not even my department’s event to begin with), my boss will skin me alive. So please, I need help here. I will even prepare the emcee script for you. All you have to do is to stand behind the rostrum and read it out. You don’t even have to make eye contact of you don’t want to.

Off to find someone, anyone, to do the job.

Any takers?

P.S.: Funny that those who complaint the loudest + talk the most rubbish + badmouth all the time are the ones who immediately say no when given the chance to hold a microphone and be heard by everyone. How ironic.


~jeet~ said...

hehehe...what you said about them is totally tru ,

i did some emcee job as well, ni minggu depan ade lagi..

you all nak ke emcee tak bertauliah diimport dari ***** hahahaa...kalo nak i ok je? ;)

tapi mileage bole claim kan ? blum ape2 dah sebok nak claim...hampeh..

JaJa'Z said...

mmg pun dieya..mana yang banyak cakap tu la bila soh jd emcee awal2 lagi tak nak...reti memekak cakap menda bukan2 jek...tp bila kena kat muka sendiri..terus kecik kepala2...

. de baloon. said...

emm u're rite. kite takut sgt nk speaking in front of people.. especially my lecturer. lg la nk jc emcee. bile kne bt presentation pn, kene prepare btl2 n then hafal info2 yg penting. communication skill penting kn, takut gak bile keje nant. nk speaking tp berterabur. cmne kak diya bole teror speaking ek? ;p bole bg tips x? hehe kite ni kurang comfident level.. takut2 nk cube. ingt cuti sem nant nk g kursus bhs enggeris. huhu

dieya said...

we have the same fate, once an emcee, always an emcee. and when you can't make it, nak suruh org tolong replace kita.. yaaa ampuuuuun.. macam nak suruh pegi berperang!
if only i can outsource the job, i'll surely outsource it to you!

k jaja,
hahaha apa laa org mcm tu kan.. cakap bukan2 pandai sungguh, cakap belakang2 lagi laa pandai. tapi bila bagi mic suruh cakap kat semorang, takmo pulak, tiba2 jadi pemalu. what on earth!

the key is practice. do it again and again, you'll be good at it eventually. jgn malu, belasah je. tips: when you read english materials (books, mags, newspapers, even blogs), pronounce the words aloud (tak payah laa kuat2 sgt nnt org ingat saiko pulak.. hahaha.. setakat telinga sendiri dengar ok laa). that way you'll get used to saying english words, so akan rasa lebih confident bila nak bercakap.
good that you have the initiative to learn by going to those short courses. good luck, make us all proud!

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

saya singgah..nice n3

niSamiR said...

be and EMCEE?????a BIG no no no to me...hahaha...i ni social phobia arr beb..

diyana said...

if there's a Toastmasters club at ur work place, you can always ask them to help. We are more than willing to help and improve our public speaking skills.

Aida Rezuan said...


Hmm... yea I can imagine your frustration in this. Susah bebenor nak mintak tolong and carik replacement, ek. Hope you're able to find one soon dear.

* just read the script? no eye contact (ever)? stand (waaaay) behind rostrum? put me in your stand by list, under Jeet's name? have to be video conference thingy tho :D

Liza said...

you can't be more right, it's difficult to get a good emcee, but the moment you start, people would always depend on you. so, have you got the replacement

ilif said...

ahh~ something that I really wish I can do. Able to speak in front of a crowd. Even a small presentation in class makes me stutter but I'm definitely learning :) Jeles ngan dieya. Any tips to learn? kalau cakap spontan, ayat jadi berterabur, tapi kalau prepare ayat siap2, jantung mesti degup kencang macam nak rak

ahkakbatik said...

bayaran berapa rebu dollar?
letak nama kaktek ek...
ccaaaayang dieya!

dieya said...

thanks for dropping by :-)

hahaha i find it hard to believe, with you being a medical lecturer and all! fortunately you don't have that phobia when doing your lectures!

good point, i must check if there's one at my workplace. thanks for suggesting.

memang sgt frust, i expected it to be hard, but not THIS hard until i had to spend 2 days looking for a replacement. fortunately i found somebody in the end (after much begging and nagging). else it would be pemain import either live version (jeet) or skype version (you!).. hahaha!

k liza,
yes i did, finally! an elderly colleague agreed to do it, pakcik tu kesian kot kat i coz i told him i practically had called the entire office building but couldn't find anyone to do it. thankfully he agreed!

the important part is you are indeed learning. trust me, after much practice, by the time you graduate inshaAllah you'll be speaking to the crowd like singing in red box! apart from what i told isma earlier, do take a deep breath before you start, that really helps to pace your heartbeat. good luck!

k tek,
ribu2 dolar tak mampu laa den, ribu2 rupiah boleh dirunding. ok set, nama k tek dah masuk standby list, tunggu je laa panggilan hangit ek!