a dose of gerak khas on sunday morning

Woke up early this morning (according to my standard jumping out of bed at 7:20am on Sunday is considered early :-p). Couldn’t seem to get back to sleep, which was pretty unusual. What to do then? Looked at the list of things I planned for today - assignments, homework for next class, work stuff that I brought home so that I wouldn’t have to rush for monthly accounts closing next week etc. Jeez, so many things. Nantilah, still early. Nak blogging? No idea what to write, maybe I’ll get some inspiration later, after lunch.

Switched on the tv. What was there to watch so early in the morning? Started with channel 101 - TV1. I was ready to click the “+” button to go to the next channel when suddenly an ad flashed on the screen:

“Saksikan lintas langsung sempena Hari Ulang Tahun Gerak Khas ke-45 dari Kem Iskandar, Mersing, Johor dalam rancangan Hari Minggu Malaysia jam 7:30 - 9:30 pagi”

OMIGOD. This can’t be serious. On the one day that I wake up early on Sunday and switch on the tv, it happens to be the day of commandos anniversary? With a live telecast too?!

So surreal. Why? In normal circumstances:
- I don’t wake up early on Sunday. Even if I do, I don’t have any problem going back to sleep within seconds.
- I don’t watch TV1. The only reason TV1 appears on my screen is because when I switch on the Astro decoder it automatically goes to TV1 (which was what happened this morning).
- The past few days have been filled with some Joe Jambul spying activities that involve the word “commando” (that’s a story for another day, maybe :-p).

Looked at the time, it was 7:25am, 5 minutes to the program start. Switched on my laptop, did my homework with the tv blasting in the background. Guess what, out of the 2-hour program, the live telecast from Kem Iskandar was hardly 10 minutes! First, they showed Tengku Mahkota Johor (isn’t he the one rumored to have a relationship with Fazura?) receiving Beret Hijau Kehormat from his father Sultan Johor. Next, they showed some long shots of commandos lining up in the rain, Kem Iskandar signage on the top of a hill and almost voiceless snippets of the Sultan’s speech. That was all. I was hoping to see parachute show, sniper demo or something like that, but nope, not there. Fortunately I did manage to do my homework, or else I would have wasted 2 hours watching TV1, huh!

Anyway, happy birthday Gerak Khas!

This harimau garang photo was taken by MAS photographer during our training at Kem Sungai Udang.

*Suddenly feel like singing “gerak gerak gerak khas” ala A.C. Mizal hahaha!*

Wikipedia says Gerak Khas was established on 1 August 1970. That makes it 40 years. How come the celebration is to commemorate 45 years? Calculator please!

P.S.: I just got the result of that Joe Jambul spying thingy (thank you to my talented spy). Thinking how best to share (or not to share) it here. Will let you know very soon, I promise!


JaJa'Z said...

Dieya!!!!!! akak tgk tajuk pun akak dah sengeh2 sorang2...wah! adakah ini dinama kan jodoh??? 'akak doakan dieya bahagia dunia dan akhirat'..hahahhahaha...come on...share la share la.....i'm a part of it..tetiba..hehehhehe

dieya said...

aik.. baru tengok tajuk dah terhibur? hahahahaha! nanti ye.. i need to do my assignment first. nnt dah tick all the things on my to-do list, i'll think about it :-p

Siti Roffini said...

Dear Dieya,
Glad that I read your entry. So, it's that guy with the starlet.

dieya said...

aunty siti, you're back!
i think that's the one. or at least, that was what i gathered from the gossip columns. hey i didn't know you are into celebrity gossips too ;-)

Mamamya said...

tin..tin...tin.... mrs.spy dah dtg nih...ekekekeke....

smlm dah baca n3 tp x sempat nak drop comment....

akak x tau pun ada siaran lintas lansung dr kem iskandar...n pg tu sibuk dgn para tetamu yg ada kat umah....bila baca n3 ni rasa t'kilan juga lah bila x dapat tgk....

akak dah lama x join HUT ni...rasanya tahun ni dah yg ke-3 sbb en.suami b'tugas di luar GGK...

ok nak baca d next n3 pulak.....wink3!!

dieya said...

k lieya,
kalu k lieya tak tau, dieya ni lagi laa hv no clue at all. tiba2 jek on tv keluar advert tu.. tergezut! terus buat homework depan tv.. hahaha!
owh ur hubby posting kat mana after ggk? itulah i thot HUT ada laa demo macam2, sekali takde satu pun dia tunjuk kat tv.. ceh!
hahaha i see that u hv read it ;-)