blogging ain’t hardly new

Before there were blogs, there were diaries. Before that, there were my great-grandfather’s “kalendar kuda”.

Recently, my mum got a hang of using the scanner at home, so she had been spending her past time scanning old family photos and uploading them on her Facebook. This one particular photo caught my attention.

This is my great-grandfather.

He passed away in 1971, way before my time. But throughout my years of growing up, I heard his name aplenty. He was a government servant during the colonial years, hence he was entitled to government pension. After he died, the benefit went to my great-grandmother. Being her “cicit manja” who lived with her till she passed away during my teens, it was my duty to accompany her to CIMB Bank (back then it was called Bank Bumiputra) to cash her late husband’s monthly pension cheque. While waiting for our turn at the bank (back then it wasn’t as efficient as these days), I would read his name on the cheque again and again. I would wonder, what was he like? Was he strict? Was he smart? Well, he must be, he wouldn’t get a government job with the British colony if he wasn’t. Do I look like him? Do I behave like him?

After many years, long after I had forgotten that I had ever asked myself such questions, the answers came to me. Unexpectedly. In the form of my uncle’s comment on that photo in my mum’s Facebook.

Uncle: Cuba perhatikan dalam gambar tu...ada dua kalendar. Itu aruah punya past time hobby...keeping up with the dates. Should try to get his diary. He is one person yang tak pernah lupa update.

Mum: Memang betul tentang diary tu... selalu baca masa kecil2 dulu....semua aktiviti harian dia catit!

I may use Blogger instead of “kalendar kuda”, but still, sounds like there’s a little piece of him in me indeed!

P.S.: I still refer to “kalendar kuda” to get the most accurate info on public holidays and school breaks ;-) Long live “kalendar kuda”!


Siti Roffini said...

Yes, indeed, there's a piece of great grandpa in you. Look how you diligently you update your blog. mum is also a fan of kalendar kuda. Can't live without one.

JaJa'Z said...

dieya: sama la kita dik...akak pun still refer kat kalendar kuda kalau nak tgk cuti2 sekolah or ada public holiday apa2...pastu kalau school holiday, diwarna kan kuning..memang jelas la...hehehhe...

actually dieya, before blogging akak memang selalu tulis xtvt harian akak dlm planner..ala2 diari la..hehhe..skang ni kalau selongkar balik bleh gelak sorang2 baca..hehhehe

dieya said...

aunty siti,
i thot so too :-) amazing how strong the genes are!
my arwah grandma was a fan of another version of kalendar kuda - the one that she would tear a page a day. i remember when i was small, i used it as my kertas conteng. she was so upset coz the dates were no longer right.. hahaha!

k jaja,
part cuti sekolah and cuti negeri2, kalendar kuda mmg menang tanpa bertanding! tu belum masuk part nombor2 dia yg besar gedabak, dari jauh dah nampak. kalendar moden harap gambar pemandangan jek besar, nak tengok nombor kena pakai mikroskop!
i still use a planner for study purposes, nak tulis assignment deadlines.. penting tu! :-D

JaJa'Z said...

sama la dieya..akak sampai skang pun tiap2 tahun sure beli planner..sebab jd cikgu lagi banyak menda nak kena tulis..segala meeting..tarikh ujian and exam..cuti sekolah...sukan,meeting pibg, hari anugerah..ishhh..memang banyak la...

dieya said...

uih bz sungguh jadi cikgu ni yek.. macam2 aktiviti.. kalah wakil rakyat!
eh skrg PM dah bagi cikgu masuk politik kan? kalu k jaja jadi wakil rakyat pun bagus ek :-D

Liza said...

this entry reminded me of my arwah grandma, i also stayed with her till the day she died, i was also the one who brought her to BSN to collect Arwah Atuk's pension...typing this already make me miss her soooo much...*sob sob*

JaJa'Z said...

ding dong!...sorry la dieya, akak memang tak minat politik ni..kes student pun tak settle plak nak pk kes2 rakyat..hehhehe

Aida Rezuan said...


Keep it up and you can show and tell your grandkids or even great grandkids bout your blog! :D

And betul! Kalendar kuda memang ada suma cuti. Suma rumah pon mesti ada kalendar tuh! :)

dieya said...

k liza,
i was tearing up myself when i wrote the entry, remembering those days when i held my great-grandma's hand and walked with her to the bank. may their souls rest with those with iman and taqwa.

k jaja,
mana laa tau kan nak ganti rafidah aziz ke.. hahaha! betul2 baik settle kes yg sedia ada. i think kes2 students k jaja mesti lagi interesting dari kes2 politik kan.. maklum laa jiwa remaja ;-)

inshaAllah i intend to :-D
kalendar kuda is always the most reliable one kan!