weight alert

“Looks like you’ve gained weight,” said my dad. Ugh. I’ve been living in denial for the past few weeks, thinking that nobody notices that I’ve picked up a few pounds. Leave it to my dad to get my feet back on the ground. “Do you still swim?” he asked. I knew that he knew the answer already.

Pre-vacation weight: 46kgs
Post-vacation weight: 48.5kgs

So what am I blaming for that extra 2.5kgs? Beryani? Taco Bell? Stone Cold ice cream? Skipping swimming for two months?

One thing for sure, I’m blaming ME. Nobody asked me to eat so much while on vacation. Nobody asked me to become lazy just by the thought of getting into the pool. Nobody asked me to succumb into the seductive aroma of nasi lemak panas at night. It was all ME.

Ideal weight range: 45kgs to 47kgs

My diet plan kicked-off yesterday. Tomyam for lunch, served with lots of veges and very little rice. Guava for dinner. Scrubbed my bathroom for exercise (still lazy to go to the pool). The result?

Current weight: 47.5kgs

Still 0.5kg to get below the upper limit and 1.5kgs to regain my pre-vacation weight.

However, not bad for Day 1, dare I say. Threw away 1kg in 24 hours. Alhamdulillah, I’m blessed with the ability to shed weight pretty fast.

Target: 46kgs by Sunday

And I need to do that while having to attend a group lunch at Manhattan Fish Market today and treat Zaza a good meal for her birthday tomorrow (she treated me on my birthday, so I have to return the favor).

Ada berani?


dyanna said...

controlling your diet while traveling is the hardest part kan? takkan pergi tempat orang dan tak cuba local food? argh!

You're so lucky that you could lose some pounds so fast just by cleaning the bathroom!

I haven't seen my weighing scale yet, and is expecting some additional numbers post CPH trip :S

ZuNas77 said...

Hello makcik, just 0.5kg overweight is not a prob at all ok. mcm i ni ada another 10kg to shed. lagi gila. hahahaha

Anyway, i rasa mcm nak buat entry weight control pulak after read your entry nih. hehehe

knitfreak-to-be said...

aiyo...cepat betul lost 1.5 kg, good luck (for me too..!!)

dieya said...

yeah! dah datang jauh2 mesti laa nak cuba local delicacies kan? hahaha goes to show hot dirty my bathroom was, scrub bathroom jek bleh turun berat badan :-D
i think we are both experiencing post travelling weight issues, aiyoo!

hohoho bila namanya OVERweight sikit pun dah risau ok. don't worry zu at least u hari2 bleh exercise kejar arsyad satu rumah. thredmill bergerak tuh!
yeah sila2 buat entry weight control! asyik cerita arsyad, sekali sekala cerita mummy laa pulak ;-)

hahaha u too?! another one with post travelling weight issues :-D
yeah good luck to us! semoga mencapai berat idaman secepat mungkin!

Fertzy said...

dieya, giler ringan ko!!

aku berat skang pon jgn mimpi nak cecah nomor 4 dihadapan. (current weight 52.5kg)

guilty as charged, i live with the self-formulated-fact that sometimes its not kg's that matter, but inches! (ala ala nak menyedapkan hati sdirik walau berat bodyku 52kg, but my inches are still propoetionately balance - between the hip, waist and 'twins' up there dgn my overall height - sigh)

you know, sometimes dah sexercise and burned many kilos pon, tp biler timbang jarum penimbang tue tetap degel tak berganjak, but biler pakai suar jeans lama, eh boleh muat balik size 27???

itu maknanyer, our fat dah tuko into muscle hence explaining the unchanged number of the kilos but we lose lotsa inchesssss...woolawooottt!!

Mamamya said...

yuhuu....dieya...m'ronda stlh s'minggu b'cuti...tp bukan pi oversea pun...balik kg jer... ;D

ok la tu dik...x der la over weight pun...maintain cute jerk...tp during my pregnancy kali ni i loss 5kg (for 3 month)..pregnant sblm ni x penah pun turun brat badan..kali ni mmg lain sukit aura dia...harap2 boy la kan...aminnnnn...

エイザト said...

i've lost 6kg after 3months in japan. still overweight though. haha. balik nanti i have to run on the treadmill masa tgh puasa. :p

Liza said...

you are so lucky!!! i can take ages to loose even 2 kg!

Aida Rezuan said...


Uiks! Cepatnye turun berat, and dengan cuci bilik air jek? Wawawa! *jeles tau!

Tp memang betul la, susah nak maintain weight bila gi jalan-jalan. Kot mana pon mesti naik (samada sikit or banyak la kan :D).

Good luck on 46kg (ringan nye la dia nih)! Tu puedes!

dieya said...

52.5kgs tu superb laa for someone who has given birth to two little angels. i totally agree with you, the inches matter more, as long as you can squeeze into skinny jeans who cares how heavy you are, right? and yeah, the more you exercise you'll definitely build up more muscles, which are heavier and better for the body coz lesser space for fat to reside.
hey is that exercise or Sexercise? hahaha whatever laa babe janji ko bersenam :-D

k lieya,
yuhuuu! patutlah lama tak nampak, balik kg rupanya. mesti best lepak2 kat kg. dieya balik kg hari tu rambutan ngan manggis punyalah banyak sampai tak termakan!
hehehe thanks k lieya, ni tgh berusaha kembali to berat sebenar :-D
uish org lain pregnant naik berat, k lieya turun berat pulak. takpe biar baby membesar jgn mama dia membesar kan. sure senang k lieya nak kurus lepas delivery. inshaAllah, i pray that you get a boy, amin! boleh jadi komando junior ek? ;-)

babah is very proud that you lost weight you know, you better keep it that way when you get home for raya! hahaha run on treadmill tengah puasa, good idea! jgn lupa insert mama's quick weightloss program chip dlm treadmill tu, confirm berjurai peluh.

k liza,
alhamdulillah i gain easy and lose weight easily. tu yg kejap kembang kejap kempis, aiyark! i wanna maintain kempis! hey at the end of your 1-week-detox thing do tell how effective it is ya. i bet you'll lose a few pounds!

yeah, that's one of the things yg agak senang for me, alhamdulillah. as of this morning i'm 47kgs, pagi2 bangun dah timbang tu :-D
another 1kg in 2 days, vamos!