tax refund scam alert from LHDNM

Scammers are getting smarter these days. At the time when people are scrambling to find some extra cash for the upcoming Hari Raya, this is when they go full swing.

Yes, these people are smart. They know the public is financially vulnerable now. Ramadan is coming in 2 weeks, hence we are already doing mental calculations of how much money to spend to get new clothes, buy ingredients to make cookies / rendang / lemang (sushi melayu? :-D), give away “duit raya” to kids and so on. Let’s not mention the recent price hike for sugar and petrol, which only set to blow up the price of everything else by tenfold. Have to budget for that too.

So when we open our inbox and see an e-mail from LHDNM saying that we get some tax refund, isn’t that the most exciting thing ever?

But wait, don’t get overly excited just yet. It may just be another big fat SCAM!

Here’s an e-mail I got from LHDNM (not directly of course, it has been passed around many organizations for the past few days) with a 5-page attachment warning the public on the scam. If you need further clarification, go ahead and call the guy, he even left his mobile number there.

P.S.: These new scam websites are looking a lot more realistic than before. Perhaps they have better quality control now ;-) So please be EXTRA CAREFUL yea!

Kenyataan Media E-mel Bayaran Balik Palsu oleh LHDNM

Salam sejahtera,


Dengan hormatnya saya merujuk perkara di atas.

Mohon kerjasama baik pihak tuan/puan untuk memanjangkan kenyataan media LHDNM seperti dilampiran yang jelas menerangkan maksudnya kepada pegawai dan staf di Organisasi tuan/puan.

Kerjasama baik pihak tuan/puan amat dihargai dan bersamalah kita membendung kegiatan penipuan terancang melalui e-mel ini.

Kerjasama pihak tuan/puan amat dihargai.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Masrun Maslim
Pegawai Perhubungan Awam
Jabatan Khidmat Korporat
Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia
03-6209 1000 [ext: 31603] / 03 - 6209 1603 [DL]
03-6201 6752


ZuNas77 said...

mcm2 cara org nak menipu skrg kan? i pun almost everyday dpt email scam from maybank konon pasal accoutn i padahal i takde acc dgn maybank pun!!..terus delete je jgn la nak percaya duit dtg mcm tu. sbb if dpt refund pun LHDN akan hantar surat rasmi kan. email2 ni bahaya tau nak2 kita masukkan details kita suma dlm online system ntah apa2 kan. masuk je bank acc, ic no. habis lah. confirm termenung duit gaji suma dha licin nnti..

p/s. terima kasih di atas pesanan khidmat masyarakat ini..hahaha

pps: i LOVEEE your new layout!!

dieya said...

hahaha maybe i should put a new label "pesanan khdmat masyarakat". itulah, dalam pada tak sedar ada jugak yg tertipu nnt. better be safe than sorry!

glad u like my new curtain :-)

NurFa Online Boutique said...

iyeee.. sakit nye hati kalo terkena!!
that's why sometimes the old mail way is much safer.

i adi got my tax refund! alhamdulillah!

*sorry guna NurFa ID. hehe.. malas nak sign in/out byk kali. but u know it's me kan. Hehe..

Mamamya said...

mmg mcm2 ragam org nak menipu skrg ni....zaman makin canggih...penjenayah pun canggih2 semuanya....
klu buka inbox kat email tu...mana yg x berkenaan (means bukan dr org yg dikenali) akak terus delete jer...malas nak melayan....

Liza said...

cheater and bad people are getting more creative...susah betul, don't even know what to trust and what not to trust

knitfreak-to-be said...

my goodness, the web scam nampak real, kalo tak check memang la..just got mine via snail mail...

i know one thing for sure, kalo link payment or anything that require you to give away acc no, jgn buka link thru email, make sure you go to the source, in this case, p kat domain lhdn terus then click from the website.

mcm2 manusia ni..

dieya said...

totally! the more technology we have, the higher the risks we are open to. hey i just got my refund too. duit raya.. hahaha!
of course i know it's u! :-) i'll link your biz blog to mine nanti.

k lieya,
skrg org dah pandai, tak main dah rompak bank pakai topeng bawa pistol, skrg rompak pakai online jek. betul2 kalau email dr org tak kenal, baik delete je lah kan.. salah buka email nnt kena rompak pulak!

k liza,
yeah, we can't be careful enough, can we? kadang2 i feel like the "zaman batu" way was the best. takyah risau2 kena scam. yet, i so love online banking, tak kuasa pulak nak beratur kat post office bayar bill mcm dulu :-D

me too! excited giler daoat cheque.. mcm gomen bagi duit raya kat i, walhal dah mmg duit kita pun kan.. hahaha! that's what i heard too. never click on any link. type in the address yourself, inshaAllah selamat.