spain is in the final!

I knew I could count on him. The opposing team might have a young squad, but it was this old Spanish dog that showed them the trick. One fine header, sharp and strong, all the way to the net.

¡Carles Puyol es el hombre!

Creo que no estoy sola. Liza, Azita y Aida, ¿todos vosotras conmigo, sí?

¡Va a ser un gran fin de semana!


Siti Roffini said...

Wow! You and the guy!! With that winning smile of yours, he'd better make sure that Spain thrashes the Dutch.Alamak, kesianlah pulak kat Holland. Hope I got the facts right. I'm no football fan.

Liza said...

Spain is so gonna be the champion!! can't wait!!!

dyanna said...

amboi! sebelah Puyol.. I was half expecting Germany to win last night, but the best team won! Vamos España! Good year for Spain, only last week Nadal won Wimbledon.

knitfreak-to-be said...

si!! yo estoy contigo!!! vamos españa!!! muy bien!!

dieya said...

aunty siti,
yup, that's the man! you've got the facts spot on. especially the part where the spaniards gonna trash the dutch :-D

k liza,
and the will be the most exciting world cup final in history or what! vamos españa!

hahaha but of course :-D i still get goosebumps watching the semifinal match replay on astro. can't wait for monday morning!

dieya said...

que bien! vamos españa!!!

Aida Rezuan said...

Si si! Pobrecito Messi pero Puyol es egual bueno! Para Tomi, Messi es mejor. Huhu! Pobrecito! Pero bueno..

dieya said...

sí pobrecito.. pero estoy muy feliz porque veré puyol en el final!