listen to the teacher

When he says “yeay” he’s not screaming in delight, he’s just calling out the letter “A”.

When he says “fame” it has nothing to do with popularity, he means “firm”.

When he says “oh nessikiti” he’s not praying to an Egyptian goddess, he’s referring to “owner’s equity”.

When he says “yell” don’t scream at the top of your lungs, he’s just saying the letter “L”.

When he says “lakh” he means “hundred thousand”. Like “two lakh” means “200,000”.

When he shakes his head from side to side it doesn’t mean he disagrees, but in fact he agrees! Somehow a shake equals a nod.

When he says “deska” he’s not attempting to speak Japanese, he’s just referring to the “desk” in front of you.

When he says “badass” he’s not swearing a foul word, he’s talking about “bad debts”.

When he says “netter sail” don’t plan to pack-up you fishing gears, he means “net sales”.

When he says “too tall” he’s not referring to your height. He’s not asking for the total value either. He’s actually saying “212”. Yeah, that’s “two-twelve”. Get it?

When he says “three not nine”, he’s not asking you to change from number three to number nine. He’s merely saying the number “309”. That’s “three-zero-nine”. Zero = not. Why? Don’t ask.

Yes, you must listen to the teacher. But you better make sure you listen correctly!

First week, first class, another 5 months to go...


Siti Roffini said...

Just hope and pray you will not end up like him after 5 months! I would have problems reading your blog. Just stick to your good old Spanish.

JaJa'Z said...

ek? tu lecturer dieya ke? ishh..dasyatnya..kalau akak mau tersandar dah nak dengar apa dia cakap..

dyanna said...

argh.. i had the same 'communication' problem when we had two indian engineers joining the team.

took me a few weeks to understand the 'shake head' part. Initially I thought he didn't understand my explanation, so I kept repeating myself a couple of times :P (which now seems silly of course)

good luck. you'll be shaking your head yourself soon enough :D

Fertzy said...

tell me abt it!!

had this experience masa undergrad dulu.

"yem plus yem minus yem yem to the power of yem yem equals to....." (cakap laju laju sambil kepala pusing pusing) yemm yemm yemm = kepala weng weng

nama lecturer tu pulak..Mr Santa Faraj

go figure how the kids reacted those days....ekekekek

but teacher, without you, we were nowhere.....

dieya said...

aunty siti,
gosh i hope not! yet i still have to get myself familiar with his accent, else it will be difficult to get what he says. but i will definitely make sure that i won't end up like him! my oh my i need a textbook sooner than ever.

k jaja,
ha'ah.. huhuhu.. mula2 start kelas macam main teka-teki what on earth was he talking about. dia dok blablabla sambil hulur notes kat kitorang and said "go.. go.." we all tengok sesama sendiri, tak paham, dia nak cancel kelas ke apa? rupa2nya he wanted us to take the notes and go photocopy! haih!

the shake part was the most misleading gesture. i thought he implied that we answered the questions wrongly, yet he said we were right. took me a while to get it.
i rather shake my booty kareena style! :-D

is that his name? for real? omg!
the yel yem yey part, very typical of those from that part of the world.
yeah u r right, who are we without them. but if only they can make our learning more effective without having to deal with another "language"!

Liza said...

i wonder how do you hold yourself from laughing, if me, sure tak tahan punyer

Erin said...

omg, that's super funny, mcm tgk cite kat Zee TV je..haha. Jgn durhaka pd guru mate :P

knitfreak-to-be said...

good luck ;)your teacher ni must be indian kan? no offence, but memang la kena translate further, i once went to a course, pasal process safety ni...when you see a wall...its a system..we were like what wall? rupanya yup, you have to carry around your OWN dictionary..hehehe..

dieya said...

k liza,
it took so much effort to refrain myself from laughing i tell ya! that was until i realized, gosh.. this is serious.. if he keeps going like this the entire semester, i need to catch up somehow.

i know!!! mmg takmo durhaka pun mate, mau menambah ilmu di dada. tak sangka pulak kena include ilmu bahasa sekali.. huhuhu..
hey it's your birthday! happy birthday mate!

bingo! yeah, no offence to people from that side of the world, we malaysians don't speak perfect english everytime anyway. just that their accent is so thick, making it incredibly hard to understand what they say.
wall = valve eh? gotta add that to my dictionary!

dieya said...

omg mate SORRY!
i mixed u up with another erin! ni yg susah bila ramai sgt member nama erin, sorg birthday 20/4, sorang berday 20/7, sorg lagi birthday 24/9. ayayayay!
keep that wish for next year laa yek ;-p

Aida Rezuan said...


Hehehe! Nak gelak, buleh?

Just hope that you don't end up like that, Dieya. Else you need to put a glossary/dictionary at the side bar of your blog :D

Erin said...

haha, nearly tertelan bijik rambutan baca ko wish aku birthday! Ramai ek, tukar mana lah pulak haha

dieya said...

sila2 mari kita gelak beramai2!
hahaha a glossary.. just like u have for your pahang vocabs eh? :-p

hohoho bebaik mate kalu tercekik memalam buta tu sapa pulak nak tolong buat CPR. itulah, that day one of the erins tx me saying she has changed number, i had to ask "which erin? i have 3 erins in my phone!" :-D