hot beach and ice bar

We didn’t have much in plan for today. Yesterday the South African girls told us that they were thinking of going for a high tea at Burj Al-Arab, which we thought was a good idea. So last night we asked the receptionist at our apartment to place a booking, but unfortunately the high tea package had been terminated a couple of months ago. Now if you want to enter Burj Al-Arab, you need to have a lunch or dinner reservation at one of its restaurants. The cheapest one charges AED 290 per person. No way! We could go for another round of dune bashing for that price! The receptionist then suggested to us several places that he found interesting. We decided to take up two of them - the beachside restaurants and the ice bar.

First we headed to Jumeirah Beach Residence, better known to locals as JBR. It’s a row of shops (mostly cafes and restaurants) along the beach, which makes it a really cool place to hang out. But since we got there in the middle of afternoon summer heat, it was impossible to sit outside and enjoy the view without getting ourselves grilled.

Who says Dubai has no greens? That’s Jumeirah Beach Hotel at the back. Don’t confuse it with Jumeirah Beach Residence, they are totally different places.

This is Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR. The beach is on the right, the shops are on the left.

We went to Umi Sushi fusion restaurant for lunch. The one on top right is my seafood paella. I had been craving for it since I saw Aida’s entry. Just had to have it!

A yellow parachute flying over the waters.

That’s how big JBR is. Though the restaurants and cafes at beach level are already open, most shop lots on upper level are yet to be occupied.

That’s how you spell Starbucks in Arabic ;-)

It was too hot to stay longer at JBR, so we headed to Times Square Centre to go to the ice bar. Along the way we passed by some nice buildings that graced the city’s landscape. Like any other cities, Dubai couldn’t escape the world’s economic turmoil, but they were recovering quite well, considering that there were many construction works still going on.

Though the buildings are different in architecture, they are of almost the same height. I wonder if the local government dictates how tall a building can be built in that area.

That way to Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates.

Just look at those beautiful work of art!

And we reached Times Square Centre, which has beautiful indoor greens.

Let’s Chill Out! The entry fee is AED 60 (RM 54) including warm clothes and a cup of hot chocolate or tea.

It’s -6 degrees Celsius in there so make sure you have the right attire.

Going into the freezer.

Inside the bar. It was difficult to sit still when it was that cold!

We went around the mall and found out there weren’t much else to see. As the evening approached and the weather got cooler, we headed back to JBR to see the sunset.

Holding the sun in my hand ;-)

Beautiful view of Jumeirah Beach at sunset.

Hilton Hotel by the beach. Those in brown are JBR buildings.

Follow me home! I wonder if Azita is home yet. Can’t wait to hear her World Cup stories!

Beautiful JBR at night.

We had dinner at Paul and stayed there chitchatting until midnight. Our dinner. That pear cinnamon pie on top left was really yummy!


Aida Rezuan said...


I could feel the heat as I read your post, you know. From piercing heat to icy cold, good you didn't get sick. :D

I couldn't help but noticing that everything's quite expensive over there. Huhu! * bila la buleh gi kalo gitu, kan?

I've never thought bout visiting Dubai, you know. After looking and reading bout your adventure, now I feel like I wanna visit it (someday). Thanks for sharing all these :)

Aida Rezuan said...

ps: so dah lepas tingin makan Paella? looks very yummy! :D

dieya said...


itulah my friend fara pun dok kata boleh kejap panas kejap sejuk luluhawa kulit camni! yeah fortunately we didn't :-)

some things like food and entry fees to major attractions are pretty pricey. but goods are definitely cheap. definitely shoppers haven!

no problemo, si, si, go there soon!

ohh memang masyuk sungguh makan paella di tepi pantai yg indah :-D