halal feature: Pizzeria South Indian Restaurant @ Rome, Italy

Remember my entry on Music Pizza earlier? I mentioned that there’s another halal pizzeria just across the road. Here’s the pic.

The signboard says “Pizzeria South Indian Restaurant”.

I totally have no idea if that’s the restaurant’s name or they are merely describing the food. Whatever it is, as long as the food is halal, who cares about the name :-p

Here’s the Google map. It’s basically pointing to the same direction as Music Pizza. If you can find one, you’ll definitely find the other.

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Owh, I didn’t try anything here. If you have, do tell me how the food’s like yeah!


lucky said...

dieyaaa! we are planning to go to rome inshallah.. your posts will be very much of help! :)

this is dora btw... and i have a new blog :)

will msg u the url if ur interested to follow :)

dieya said...

hi dear! i was wondering what happened to your "one black spot" suddenly becoming spotless ;-)

so u r going to rome! how nice! very historice city, i had a good time there ;-) halal food is aplenty so you won't have any prob. one thing i missed was watching italian opera. i went there over xmas so all tix were fully booked months ahead! totally wanna go there again someday to do that! when r u going there btw?

of course i wanna read ur new blog! send the link to my e-mail or FB k?