halal feature: Kashmir Döner Kebab @ Barcelona, Spain

Out of the many halal joints that I’ve been to in Barcelona, this restaurant has to be the one I remember the most for several contrasting reasons. First, it was on the way to this restaurant that I almost got pick-pocketed (you can read about that here). Second, I knew about this place from an entry by Tawel who got there by accident while he was looking for another kebab joint which I eventually found (featured here). Third, it served the best beryani I had throughout the trip, though Hz didn’t agree as he thought another restaurant in Barcelona served better beryani (will feature that one later).

This restaurant is located just a short walk from Sant Antoni metro station. It’s very spacious as it occupies two shop lots, with plenty of tables and chairs where you can sit and enjoy your food. Though the name spells kebab, it also serves a variety of South Indian cuisine, which goes very well with my Malaysian mamak-prone taste buds.

Hz checking out the menu. Can you see my reflection in the mirror?

My beryani. I think I had mutton.

Hz’s beryani. I think he had chicken.

The place is called Kashmir Döner Kebab, located on Carrer de la Cera, 44.

Here it is on Google map:

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So if somebody asks me where have I tasted the best beryani ever, my honest answer is Barcelona. Perhaps India or Pakistan sent their best cooks there, leaving those of lower grades to go to Malaysia to become helpers at mamak joints!


el isman said...

hehehe i tought Hamediyah in penang road is the best bryani in the world.
Tapau mai satu..

dieya said...

really?! i've never tried that one. gosh i haven't been to penang for ages! nak sangat pergi makan nasi kandar, try that beryani u suggested, beli dvd kat feringghi.. how nice to go there again!