¡españa = campeón!

Minute 116. A pass from Torres. An assist by Fabregas. A finish by Iniesta. Spain 1, Netherlands 0.

¡España es el campeón del mundo!

Does anybody have to wonder why FC Barcelona is my favorite team?

Note: 6 of Spain’s starting 11 play for FC Barcelona - Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Pique and Busquets. If you include Villa, the new sign-in, that’s 7.

Azita, Aida, Liza - ¡Vamos a hacer una fiesta!


knitfreak-to-be said...

si, vamos chicas!! ;)

barca is so dominating the la liga next season - *bukan dah memang dominate ke..hehehe..)

p/s: not to forget the gorjes victor valdes, just that on national squad, iker the most deserving

sheri said...

Fabregas je yang dah nangis2 nak masuk Barca tapi tak dpt sbb Arsene Wenger tak lepaskan. And yes, i agree with u, i started to follow Real Madrid when i saw World Cup 2002 (Raul and most of them were Real ppl)and fall head over heel in love for the then underdog Spain - plus La Liga is a better league than others (IMO) and now I am thinking of ALSO rooting for Real's sworn enemy, sebab I just LOVE the Spanish team! They are the best and they sooo deserve to win this.. Viva La Furia Roja :)

ps- Real Madrid ada 5 pemain kat Spanish team: Iker Casillas, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos, Arbeloa and Albiol. Not to forget another 5 players from other team (Higuain, Kaka, Van der Vaart, C.Ronaldo and Pepe) ;p

dieya said...

more like CONTINUE to dominate :-D
valdes is a bit inconsistent, especially when in comes to big matches. stage fright kot? gotta rely on casillas still. though i agree, valdes is a cutie!

owh peminat galacticos takmo kalah yek! if only fabregas makes it to barca it will be perfecto! but too many stars won't do any good either, just look at real madrid kan? kan? kan? hihihi! *lariiiii*
yeah spain sooooo deserves to win! kalu tak menang, seminggu i makan sotong.. sambal sotong, sashimi sotong, sotong goreng tepung, nasi goreng sotong.. mau naik cholestrol level. nasib baik menang!

el isman said...

what happen to fernando tores?i heart liverpool

dieya said...

el isman,
torres pulled a hamstring, all by himself. i guess he hasn't fully recovered yet pushed himself too hard. anyway if it wasn't because of his initial pass the goal wouldn't be possible. so great job torres!

knitfreak-to-be said...

true, torres x sempat recover, dah kena push to be in world cup, that is why he is underperformed, masa dia dah terbaring menangis tu, kesian pulak tgk dia...

dieya said...

i guess dia nak sesangat merasa dok atas padang on WC final match.. so sakit pun sakit laa.. janji dapat main sekejap pun jadi laa. fortunately his pass resulted in the winning goal, so the pain paid off :-D
anyway yeah, que pena!

Aida Rezuan said...

Dieya & Azita,
Vamos! Yo puedo cocinar! :D

Hmm and Messi is in Barce too, right? My was broken when Argen loose (cewah!) but it's all good now that Spain is the champion! Wohoooo!

dieya said...

sí! vamos! i'll surely leave the cooking to you and the baking to azita. me? i tolong hias meja k ;-)
sí messi es un azulgrana.. siempre! i was a bit sedih when agentina and brazil went home, but now that spain has won, que maravilloso!

Erin said...

Yeay, Congrats to Spain...my pick to win Wc 2010. Sokong Fabregas g Barca, coz I cant stand watching Arse-nal haha

*Jilly* said...

hehe.. you must be estatic spain won!. Kitorang dah frust je tgk jerman kalah semi.

dieya said...

hahaha muchas gracias! too bad italy was sent packing, hope you weren't too heartbroken ;-)
i like the fabregas-barca idea too!

you bet i am! terlompat2 depan tv macam badut sarkas hahaha! dok tahan nak jerit coz it was too early in the morning, marah neighnbors nanti.
oh well, better luck for deutchland next time!

Liza said...

finally, i have proven to the non-believers Spain is the Champion!!! WooHoo!!!!

dieya said...

k liza,
yeah! no doubt about that! hope their winning will make la liga more popular so they can change the match times to earlier in the day. leceh laa have to wake up at 3am to watch barca matches!