blogger bummer

I’m pretty upset with Blogger right now. I’ve received e-mail notifications that I’ve got several comments on my entries, but when I go to my blog to reply on them, they are not there! As if the entries never get any comment at all!

It’s so annoying because I don’t want my friends to start thinking that I’ve deleted their comments on purpose. No, I didn’t do anything! Serius tak tipu! It’s all Blogger’s fault!

At first I thought it was just a one time issue, because I only noticed it on happening on one comment from Kak Lieya this morning. So I left a comment on her blog to tell her about it.

Then came two comments from Kak Jaja. Again, nothing appeared!

I went back to Kak Lieya’s blog to see if my comment appeared on her blog. It’s NOT there, surprise, surprise. So I guess it’s not just my blog, it’s everywhere.

Since I have no other way to reply on the comments, I’m copying and pasting them here. It’s the best I can do for now, until the problem is fixed.

P.S.: Do you have the same problem with your blog?

Mamamya has left a new comment on your post "desert dune bashing baby!":
fuhhhhh...b'pinau2 mata tgk gambar2 kat sini....2 n3 yg penuh dgn amazing picture yg blink2.....;D tgk dieya happy kat dalam gambar2 ni akak pun terasa k'seronokkan dieya kat sana.....bestnya kan klu dapat pi holiday.... ;)

Dieya’s reply:
Thank Kak Lieya! Actually tengah agak jakun baru dpt camera canggih sikit, tu yg poyo nak amik gambar semua benda.. hahaha! Pegi holiday memang best! Lepas ni kena pause dulu, class nak start dah next week.

JaJa'Z has left a new comment on your post "desert dune bashing baby!":
start kelas? buat pjj ke? kan ke dieya dah keja? sambung master ek? syoknya..gambo kat padang pasir tu gojes sangat..and some of the place yg dieya gi akak banyak tgk dlam amazing race dulu..hotel yang bentuk pokok palm tu memang cantik..

Dieya’s reply:
Tengah amik MBA ni Kak Jaja. Baru habis first year. Next week start second year. Long way to go. Owh bangunan2 kat Palm Jumeirah tu mmg sangat cantik!

JaJa'Z has left a new comment on your post "desert dune bashing baby!":
lupa plak nak tanya..dieya gi ni under package ke? berapa semua sekali habis untuk package ni? or dieya gi sendiri2?

Dieya’s reply:
Taklah, semua kitorang arrange sendiri. Mmg tak gemar amik package coz rasa mcm takde freedom nak buat apa kita nak bila kena ikut jadual package. So free and easy je, puas hati. Flight tix (return) utk passenger biasa dalam RM 1,800. Apartment 3 bilik RM 450 satu malam. Naik teksi pergi merata2 about RM 100 sehari. Makan about RM 70 sehari coz food kat sana sangat mahal. Kalau dok apartment boleh masak, but I don’t know how to cook, so makan luar je la ;-)


Siti Roffini said...

Hi Dieya,
No wonder you didn't post anything these last few days. Was wondering why. I hope my comments masuk.

Liza said...

i thought i was the only one. first time this happened, i thought it was me who is turning nuts seeing things which are not there...glad to know i am not alone facing this...

dieya said...

aunty siti,
this one definitely masuk, i can see it now. have u made any other comments earlier?

k liza,
u r definitely not alone. geram betul kan! and the comment counter tu pening jugak. some of my entries have several comments, but it still show as "0 comment". ntahapapa!

JaJa'Z said...

sama la..last entri memang comment semua tak appear dah..mujur la skang dah ok..gilak la ini blogspot..

dieya said...

itulah.. tiba2 je dia buat hal. geram sungguh! nasib baik dah ok.

dyanna said...

internet connection kot... kat CPH ok je.

dieya said...

ye ke? perhaps malaysian connection then. nasib baik dah ok :-)