back to school

Year 2. Semester 1. After 2 months break, my MBA classes resumed yesterday. Guess what, I actually miss going to class. Miss rushing from work to make it to campus on time. Miss having friendly banters with my classmates. Miss hanging out with them over dinner while discussing assignments. As nerdy as it sounds, I miss all that!

The feeling must have multiplied now that my Spanish class is on hiatus. Susana (head of Instituto Cervantes, where I learn Spanish) said she could only open A4 class if there were at least five of us. And as of closing date, we could only find four. Four! So no Spanish for me this time around, I’ll have to wait for the next round in September. By then the current A3 class will finish, so there will be more students to do A4. Azita, make sure you pass. ¡Solamente un estudiante más!

Back to MBA. So yesterday I went to my first class for the semester. For the past two semesters, I took two subjects per semester. This time around I’ve decided to take three. Only now, after doing MBA for a year, that I have the guts to attempt three subjects at one go. Nothing to be impressed of, seriously, a friend of mine is doing four. But for me it’s a big deal as I’ve been quite comfortable doing only two subjects every semester. But hey, I’m up for the challenge!

So as Spanish is out and one additional MBA subject is in, all’s fair. InshaAllah with hard work and prayers everything will turn out OK.

Wish me luck!


JaJa'Z said...

jangan lupa buat keja sekolah!!!

knitfreak-to-be said...

sí, voy a intentar!! ;) buena suerte por la MBA (betul ke la..hehehe..)

dieya said...

k jaja,
ya baik cikgu! *ala2 shin chan*

bueno! gracias! la ke el, ntah.. belasah je laa :-D

ZuNas77 said...

bestnya start class balik. dulu masa masuk TMO kan i tgh buat part time jugak. and knowing TMO masa tu, mana lah boleh lari gi class kat Shah Alam kan. last2 drop mcm tu je. syg dah part 4 dah. lagi 3 sem je. huhuhu..Skrg dah ada Arsyad lagi la payah.

So girl, chase everything you want while u can. i'm so happy for you. kalau tak dulu asyik kerja..kerja..kerja..hahaha

el isman said...

assalammualaikum..nk tumpang ty skit.masa pi dubai ari tu ada jumpa dengan azman maskargo ka?send my regard to him.thnks and good luck on ur MBA study smart.

p/s dah lama apply keje dgn maskargo takde reply.hehehehe

dieya said...

laa yer ke, i thot u dah kautim everything. takpelah zu now arsyad is more important kan, yg lain bleh tolak tepi dulu. arsyad besar sikit nnt bleh laa u sambung balik. yeah those TMO days mmg betul2 take over lives out kan! the good thing about it though we learnt so much from it. thanks zu, i akan teruskan perjuangan u ;-D

el isman,
wa'alaikumussalam. owh tak jumpa laa dia, i think he's at town office. i just jumpa yg duty kat airport. laa ye ke? minat jaga kargo ek? nantilah if there are future openings at MASkargo i'll put up the advert here :-)

Aida Rezuan said...


Uiks! Dah mula kelas la ye? Bulan baper lak abes semester nih?

2,3,4 subjects.. I know you can do it. Buena suerte con tu estudio! Tu puedes!

* Mesti meriah kelas nanti kalo Azita pon join skali :)

Liza said...

i'm due to start my classes in sept, with the current work schedule tak tau ler whether i am up for this..

anyway, good luck and have fun going back to school

dieya said...

yeah, kembali ke sekolah! this sem will last till early december. so it's gonna be semester break for the most part of december. wah baru pegi kelas sehari dah ingat cuti :-D
gracias guapa! i can't wait to get back to learning spanish. creo será muy interesante con azita en la clase!

k liza,
you are going back to school too? great! where? what course *nyibuk sikit hehehe*
thanks! i'm sure you will do well yourself, aren't you the iron lady ;-)