when astro's R button failed

I just have to quickly put this up for the benefit of Malaysian’s World Cup followers cum Astro subscribers in general. I had a small panic attack just now when I clicked on the infamous R (red) button on my Astro remote control and nothing happened! Nothing! Imagine that!

Let me tell you how important the R button is during this World Cup season. It’s the button that leads viewers to the interactive channel 810 where you can choose which match to watch, see the highlights, keep track of the standings and so on. It’s one very important button. And to make matters worse, I also realized that several of my sports channel went blank. Pitch black. Nothing! Tried reaching them manually by pressing numbers between 801 to 999 (that’s a lot of numbers to press), only several of the many sports channels that I subscribed to are available. No way! I don’t pay Astro so much money for sports package to get this!

Needed to sort this out quickly before 10pm. Argentina (most importantly, Messi!) is playing tonight! Quickly got online and Googled “Astro R button World Cup”. Lowyat.net forum provides some insights of what’s going on. Apparently the same problem already hit many Astro subscribers since yesterday. Let’s not mention all the curse words towards Astro flying around in the forum. What’s more important is to solve this mess.

After trying several suggestions posted in the forum, I finally found one that actually worked - by manually downloading the services.

How to manually download Astro services:

1. Click the button “Menu”
2. Choose number 2 “Satellite signal” and click “OK”
3. You will see the signal bar and hear annoying beeping sound.
4. Click “OK” to manually download the services.
5. Wait for it to finish downloading.
6. Go back to the previously missing channels.
7. Presto!

Okay, I’m getting ready to watch Messi. Adios!


Liza said...

if i were you, i will panick as well ;)

dieya said...

i know you would understand :-D
hope it's not a dirty marketing tactic to get everyone to subscribe to HD!

knitfreak-to-be said...

hahaha... HD or no HD, the game must go on ;)

messi did good for the opening game kan?

dieya said...

yes definitely! it's so unfair if they just show it on HD, even yg tak HD ni pun dah mahal i bayar bulan2 tau! yeah messi did well, finishing je yg kurenggg sikit. hope hye'll do better next match!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot bro.. I was watching world cup at my friends place until yesterday.. had d same panic attack when I tried watching today. Your post helped me !

dieya said...

no problem, glad i could help :-)
enjoy the world cup season!

Erin said...

did he just call u bro? haha...

dieya said...

he actually did!
apa kes "bro" punye blog kaler pink dgn kereta katak warna warni kiri kanan.. wakakakaka!
i guess the commenter is a guy, which might explain why he didn't notice. his focus was on how to fix the astro R button, nothing else ;-)