travel checklist

I want to share with you something that has been very useful to me every time I prepare for a trip - my travel checklist. I started developing the checklist when I used to work with a consulting firm, where travelling was part of the job. Sometimes the instruction to go for a duty travel would come in short notice, i.e. less than 48 hours. So I would have to quickly prepare whatever that was required for the outstation job, pack my suitcase and go off.

When situation like that happened, it would be hard to concentrate on packing because half of my mind would be thinking of the work I would have to do at the destination. As a result, I would end up getting worried if I had packed everything or if I had missed out anything that would be detrimental for my trip. After several cases of leaving stuffs behind, I started developing a permanent checklist that I could refer to again and again.

This is my travel checklist.

It was written on the cover of an old notepad as it was the only piece of durable paper that I could find at that time.

With the checklist, I can easily pack my stuffs without even thinking. All I have to do is to refer to the list and throw the stuffs into my suitcase. God willing, everything will be covered.

Since its initiation, the checklist has grown quite a fair bit. The more trips I go to, the more I learn if certain items should be included in the list or otherwise. As you can see, there’s barely anymore space to write on that little card.

So what’s in my travel checklist? Let me first reorganize the items for your better understanding. Alright done. Here we go!

1. Tickets
2. Passport / IC
3. Contact lenses
4. Solution
5. Spectacles
6. Staff ID
7. Foreign currency
8. Credit card

1. Work clothes
2. Casual clothes
3. Pajamas
4. Scarves
5. Prayer robe
6. Bras
7. Panties
8. Work socks
9. Sports socks
10. Towel

1. Work shoes
2. Sports shoes
3. Slippers
4. Brooches
5. Watch
6. Sunglasses
7. Handbag
8. Shopping bag
9. Shoe bag

1. Toothbrush
2. Toothpaste
3. Shower foam
4. Shampoo
5. Pad
6. Hairbrush
7. Hair band

1. Facial wash
2. Toner
3. Moisturizer
4. Cotton
5. Foundation
6. Powder
7. Blusher
8. Lip liner
9. Lip balm
10. Lipstick
11. Make-up remover
12. Perfume
13. Sun block

1. Hand phone
2. Camera
3. Hand phone charger
4. Camera charger
5. Camera spare battery
6. Universal adapter

1. Pen
2. Notepad
3. Business card
4. Passport size photo
4. Laundry detergent
5. Hanger
6. Iron
7. Prayer mat
8. Map

1. Print itinerary
2. Print confirmations
3. Print prayer times
5. Check other airlines’ schedules
4. Call credit card company
5. OOO - Out-of-office (activate in e-mail)
6. OOB - Out-of-blog (post entry in blog)

So there you go, my travel checklist. I know, some of the stuff may make you wonder i.e. Why do I bring an iron? Don’t hotels provide towels? And shower foam? And shampoo?

Well I have my reasons i.e. When I stay at cheap hostels those stuffs are not provided. If you want to know more about other stuffs just ask.

Hope this will be useful to you as much as it is to me!

P.S.: Credit to Azita for coming up with the term OOO :-)


niSamiR said...

hey dieyaa..thnx for sharing!!!!!i'm going to kuantan tomorrow and this very helpful!!!!!!and i shud add more stuff for aryssa..hehehe..thnx!

dieya said...

no probs babe, glad to know someone finds it useful!
ooops, can't advise on aryssa's stuff, or at least not yet. you know better :-D

Aida Rezuan said...


Ahhhh you are right! It's absolutely good to do and keep this list. (will definately do this!) Thanks!

dieya said...

de nada guapa :-)
hope it'll help u to pack for your next trip!

Mamamya said...

tq2 4 sharing....very2 good info...mmg sungguh detail..siap bawa laundry detergent lagik...:) klu akak..dah x der dlm list ler...sbb x penah travel lama2...

Liza said...

thanks for the info, considering i will be travelling quite a bit this year, this is very useful

dieya said...

k lieya,
u r most welcome :-)
laundry detergent penting tu kalu travel lama, kalu tak nnt ada pulak yg pengsan lalu sebelah dieya hahaha!

dieya said...

no worries glad 2 share :-)
wow that's nice! write all abt it k!

dyanna said...

Hi Dieya,

You are very organised! I think this trait is applicable to most people in accountancy. Am I right?

I should follow your advise and make a permanent list. I'm also traveling abroad this week and I'm very lousy at planning right down to the details. Everything pops from my head on the go while packing and I take 4-5 hours just to pack and re-pack and double checking things (and not to mention rearranging everything in my closet eventhough not necessary for my travel, gila kan?). I get really nervous out if I think I've forgotten something.

My main trick for packing is to put everything that I think I need and then take out 40-50% from the luggage (mainly clothes).

dieya said...

hahaha u r right it must be job hazard, to add to the fact that i hv a slight OCD ;-)
so u r travelling! where to? tell!
yeah when my luggage overflows the first things i take out are clothes. then i would use it to rationalize buying new clothes at the destination - because i didn't bring enough in the first place ;-)

. de baloon. said...

fuyooo..mmg preparation yg power.hehe
gud 4 me to keep it in my nk travel bole cek sys pny blog nih :)

dieya said...

de baloon,
hi cu cantik manis ;-)
good to know it's useful to you! sila2 jgn malu2 :-)

Aunty Rom said...

My dear girl, aren't you smart? perfect list. Aunty pun byk travel and need to eat nasi once in a while bila jemu kebabs and cheese sandwiches. So my Must list include these:

1.small rice cooker
2.universal plug adapter
3.1kg rice (later buy at supermarket)
4.Brahim sambal (later buy prawn cocktail and mix with brahim-all cook in the rice cooker)
5. other Brahim falours: serunding, kurma, lemak cili padi etc) cook same way, rice first then add this.
If u r in South America (Brazil, Argentina,etc) or in Europe this menu is marvelous.
Aunty tak pernah homesick bila travel hingga 6 weeks sb ada rice cooker.

dieya said...

Dear Aunty Rom,
Thank you! I took your advice during my recent trip, especially no. 5. Brahims kari is fabulous! Alhamdulillah hari-hari makan sedap macam kat rumah. Jimat pula tu :-)