sunday at bukit bintang

It has been ages since I last spent weekends hanging out at Bukit Bintang. Used to love doing that during my student days, strolling along Bintang Walk, sitting at the roadside cafés, enjoying the crowd. If it wasn’t Fiza’s idea to watch theatre at The Actors Studio Lot 10, I might still not go there.

I reached there quite early, so I wandered around Lot 10 and Sungei Wang Plaza while waiting for Fiza to come. There was a performance by African tribal dancers at the entrance of Lot 10, organized by National Geographic.

The dancers getting ready. I wonder why they put the date as 21 June when they actually performed on 20 June. Perhaps something bigger had been planned for the next day.

Let’s dance! If you can’t go to Africa this World Cup season, Africa comes to you!

African Tribal Dance

Back to the theatre, we watched a musical number entitled “Adam the Musical”, a masterpiece by Joe Hasham and Dato’ Faridah Merican, the iconic husband and wife team in Malaysia’s theatre scene. The theme was HIV/AIDS, a story of an interracial couple who wanted to get married despite the guy contracting the deadly disease. It was a very touching play. One snippet that I remember the most was “Live while you can. Love while you can. Because you can’t do it when you are dead.” How true.

The show’s brochure.

Me and Fiza, who else ;-)

The casts taking their final bow. It was the show’s final play.

Then we went to Sungei Wang Plaza for a very important mission - to get myself a new toy. What new toy?

Panasonic Lumix FH20 in red!

Why Lumix FH20? Because the main feature that I want in a camera is excellent image stabilizer. I’m prone of getting my hands shaky while taking photo, so it’s important for me to get a camera that can neutralize the effect. From what I read online and hear from people, this particular model has the best image stabilizer function, as it comes with Mega Optical Image Stabilizer (Mega OIS).

The RRP was RM 849. After asking several stores, the best price I could get was RM 730 with 4G SD card and original casing, but that particular store only had it in black and violet, ugh! So I went to another store which had it in red, but their price was RM 750. I asked them for the best price if I were to add another battery, they offered RM 930. I told the guy if he could lower it to RM 900, I would take it right away. After some discussion with his boss, I finally got my bright red new toy with 4G SD card, original casing and one extra original battery for RM 900. Yippie!

Armed with my new toy, we went to the roadside Häagen-Dazs for old time’s sake. Here are some early photos taken by the pretty red baby.

My banana split. The banana split’s photo on the menu book reminded me of Aida’s entry. Just had to have it!

Very yummy affogato (espresso with vanilla ice cream).

Fiza’s beautifully decorated waffle.

I love my new camera!

P.S. Aida, lo compré. ¿Cuándo vas a comprarlo? :-D


knitfreak-to-be said...

nice pics!! wa... dah start soalan provocative to aida ni, cpt..sila jawab!! ;)

dieya said...

thank you! masih dlm mood tidur pun nak amik gambar :-D
yup let's see apa cik aida jawab.. hehehe!

Siti Roffini said...

It's a sin to go round testing your new camera on foods which are nowhere to be found here in ulu Jitra!!!!
Good thing it's not Ramadhan, otherwise you fast for nothing. Hehehe.

dieya said...

whooopsss.. sorry aunty siti! come to kl sometime will you? we'll hang out at bukit bintang and eat ice cream. can even join the african dance if you want :-D

Aida Rezuan said...

* nih jawapannye kalian..


Damn, that's such a cool camera! I can notice from the food pics that you took, extremely WOW! I'm excited and happy for you (not to mention jeles teramat sangat ye! Hehe!)

Better lock your door tonight coz I'm coming to steal it! I might even steal you too! Haha!

* No se porque no tengo dinero :(. Wawawawa!


Jom kita gi curik kamera baru orang itu, JOM! Hehe!

ZuNas77 said...

haih..tak berubah budak ni tak. the color of camera doesnt effect the pictures you will take lah!! i tau u mesti nak color yg funky. bosan la silver or black kan?

eh, nape tak beli kat spore hari tu? i think lagi murah kot.

dieya said...

thanks! still very much excited myself!
ooo nak curik ya.. i'm gonna put a mouse trap with with my new toy, watch out u sticky fingers!
steal me? i'll be happy to jump into your suitcase and follow u to huelva! chuppp, can we drop by oviedo on the way? wanna give mi amor alonso un beso grande :-D
p.s. let's ask señor tomi to deliver u a cam using blooming florist ;-)

u know me so well :-D i sooooo love my new toy, especially because of the color! if they don't have it in funky color tobat i tak jadi beli. tak beli kat spore coz that time i had to save money for my trip to seoul. now ada budget lebih sikit baru boleh beli :-)

Aida Rezuan said...


You're gonna need a HUGE mouse trap for me. Haha!
Why don't we steal Alonso as well, eh? Then you can give him mucho beso grande anytime! :D

Si Tomi nye excuse "Kamera awak kan elok lagik, saya dulu guna bertahun sampai rosak bla bla bla". Sebab tuh saya maleh nak bukak citer! Huhu!

dieya said...

thats an awesome idea! i'm so going to keep alonso in my closet and never let him out!
alaaa señor tomi ni.. ehh wait, ntah2 dia saja kot kata gitu, mana tau he wanna give u a surprise on ur birthday ;-)

Jing Bub said...

Hi, I'm gonna buy fh-20 soon as well. Could you recommend me the shop that you have bought it from? Thanks~

dieya said...

hi jing bub,
the shop's name is "Boeing", located at ground floor sungei wang plaza. somewhere near the balcony overlooking the concourse. happy shopping!

Jing Bub said...

Hi dieya, thanks very much for the info. =)

dieya said...

jing bub,
u r most welcome. hope u get what u r looking for!