sukaria finance

Oh I’m so tired! This morning we organized a telematch event for the entire Group Finance Division called “Sukaria Finance”. We had it at Sapura Smart School, which was near our office. It wasn’t easy to organize an event for 500 people, much more so when it involved many different games.

Yesterday the organizing committee (myself included) went to the school to get the props ready. Then we did a trial run of the games. As the MC I also did a trial run for my speech.

While we were setting up the props on the field the sky got really dark.

Then it rained! So we had to stop and hang out at the school’s canteen.

After the rain stopped we continued with the preparation.

This morning everyone gathered at the school for the event. I was busy with my MC duty so I couldn’t take many pics of the event. All I can say that it was a lot of fun! Yeah, what could be more fun than seeing uncles and aunties playing kiddie games like carrying marbles in spoons, three-legged run and fishing rubber ducks :-D

Orange Team with their caps and banner.

Red Team marching in with their mascot.

Before we started with the telematch, we had a warm-up session led by a staff who is also an aerobics instructor. It was fun to see everyone, even our CFO, doing aerobics. Here’s a video of the aerobics session.

Everyone had to wear MH blue t-shirt except for the committee members who wore yellow. The guy with grey hair and blue pants standing near the big cone in the video is our CFO :-D

After the event we returned to the office and back to work (no escape there!). A colleague said that I look a bit tanned! Ugh, what do I expect, I was running around the field under the hot sun holding a cordless mic to announce the games, the rules, the results etc.

Now where’s my Olay?


Mamamya said...

haieee....bestnya siap ada maskot lagi...confirm meriah kan..t'kenang zaman sekolah dulu2....

dieya...mcmana ibu jari tu? dah ok ker? kene pakai sport shoes lagi..mesti sakit kan....hrp2 cpt baik...

tq dear sbb jd follower "cu cantik manis" he3!!

Liza said...

very nice, siap ada maskot tu...

dieya said...

k lieya,
meriah sangat! kalah hari sukan budak2 sekolah.. hahaha!
ibu jari bertambah baik, alhamdulillah. luka dah kering tapi still pakai plaster coz kalu tergesel ngan kasut still sakit juga. thanks for the wish!
no problem, hopefully cu cantik manis rajin2 blogging yeah :-)

k liza,
every team mmg sangat bersemangat. maskot ayam merah tu mmg cute sangat! but pity the guy who had to wear it under the hot sun ;-)

JaJa'Z said...

hehhe..dah mcm perarakkan hari sukan sekolah plak..hehhe

dieya said...

k jaja,
hahaha kitorang perasan macam kontinjen sukan olimpik gitu.. upgrade sikit :-D
semangatnya org2 besar ni nak lari bawa guli dlm sudu!

Aida Rezuan said...


Awwwww! I was hoping to see you jumping around in the video! :D

dieya said...

hihihi sorry to disappoint :-D
mc banyak kerja laa hari tu. running around making announcements and getting myself tanned, ugh! my colleagues keep saying that i look a shade darker, eeeiii! kena tepek olay siang malam nih!