souk, bazaar, mosque and mall

The past 2 full days of shopping were really tiring so we decided to go slow today. We started the day a little late and went to Souk Madinat Jumeirah again. When we were there on our first day in Dubai, Pjot and I found boxes of dried food that we liked but didn’t buy as we thought we could find something similar but cheaper in Deira. However, we couldn’t find them there, so we decided to return to Souk Madinat Jumeirah to buy them.

Yummy Turkish delight in various flavors, laced with different types of nuts. I bought some of those.

Pjot and Fara bought packs of mixed nuts.

Next we went to Jumeirah Mosque.

After spending the past few days indulging in worldly things, it felt good to be close to the maker and be reminded to always be thankful for His blessings. By the way, Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai where non-Muslims are allowed to enter. On its yard there’s a patio with posters on Islam by Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which serve to educate the public on our religion.

Jumeirah Mosque minaret. Isn’t that beautiful?

While we were cruising the road along Jumeirah strip, we passed by the infamous Burj Al-Arab.

Next to it is Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

We also went to Meena Bazaar again as Fara wanted to buy more sarees for her family to wear on her sister’s wedding. We noticed that the area was actually near to Dubai Museum, so the taxi driver did drop us at the right place 2 days ago ;-) The only reason we couldn’t find it was because we were under the impression that Meena Bazaar was a souk, so when we couldn’t find anything of such, we blamed the taxi guy, hahaha!

This is Meena Bazaar. The store called “Regal” on the left had several branches, we bought most of our fabrics there. Check out those luxury cars passing by, plenty of them can be seen around Dubai.

Next we headed to Mercato, a mall suggested by Mona (the Arab lady I met on the plane).

Mercato is a really nice hangout mall. Not so much for shopping, but more for spending quality time with family and friends, having a meal, or chatting over coffee.

A bunch of kids having a coloring session. The pics taken indoor were a bit bluish because of the sunroof.

We returned to our apartment for a short rest and went out again to have dinner at Mall of Emirates. It was amazing that we stayed so close to the mall but we managed to dodge it until today! Okay, I did exclude the first day when we walked through the mall to find our apartment because that was the only thing we did on that day - walk through it - so that didn’t count ;-)

Guess where we had dinner? Emporio Armani Caffé!

Our glorious food.

Our amazing drinks.

Even the wet towels looked so classy!

That’s the one!

After dinner we did some window shopping. Too bad unlike Dubai Mall that closes at midnight, Mall of Emirates closes at 10pm on weeknights and only extends its hours to midnight on weekends. So we just glanced through the stores and made mental notes on stuffs that we found interesting so we could save time when go there again. When? First thing tomorrow!


dyanna said...

kenapakah Burj El-Arab is infamous? Despite news about Dubai going bankrupt, business seems pretty normal.

Erin said...

The other best thing about travelling is the food, kan? More pics of food pls! Hahaha...

dieya said...


i guess it's because of the hefty entry price that signifies the elite stature. you have a reservation with one of its restaurants just to enter! the cheapest one charges AED 290 per pax *gawk*

yeah, from what i saw, the city is bouncing back pretty well. thanks to people like us who contribute to their economy by, what else, shopping :-D *mcm laa kita ni shopping juta2 mcm org arab*


yeah halal food is everywhere, tanpa rasa was was! tu yang melantak sakan, belasah all kinds of food that we can't find the halal version elsewhere!

エイザト said...

wargh! emporio armani cafe..! this is too much..! :P
*tgh drooling tak ingat punye.*

dieya said...

hahaha :-D
where else can i go to classy restaurant and eat all i can without having to worry about its halal status!

Aida Rezuan said...


Uiks! Even makan pon kat Armani ka? Food look yummy indeed!