share or show-off?

I actually wanted to put more pics than just a birthday cake with yesterday’s entry. I wanted to put pics of the celebrations that I had, the gifts I got, the people who organized the party etc. But a couple of days ago, something made me think twice about doing so.

I was on my way to work with Fly FM Pagi Show blasting on my stereo. The topic of the day was show-off. A caller (let’s call her Miss Caller) told Ben and Nadia (the deejays) about a girl’s blog that she came across. According to Miss Caller, the blogger (let’s call her Miss Blogger) was a big time show-off who always put up entries on the stuffs she bought, the places she go to, the things she had.. yadda.. yadda.. yadda.. on her blog.

Miss Caller went on and on about how disgusted she was by Miss Blogger. She said that when readers leave comments like “How nice that you can have it” or “Too bad I can’t afford it” on the blog, Miss Blogger would sarcastically reply “I’m sure you’ll get it in the future”. Miss Caller even mentioned that Miss Blogger had 2 sisters and all of them behaved the same way. Hence Miss Caller hated them all.

Listening to Miss Caller’s ranting makes me wonder: Do my readers see me that way too - a show-off? Are they ticked-off by pics of stuffs that I bought on my shopping sprees? Do I get on their nerves when I talk about my trips around the world? Have I created more enemies than friends by doing this?

My answer: I don’t think so.

The entries that I put here are for two reasons. One, as personal memorabilia. It’s like having a diary to remind me of things that I go through each day. Two, to share good info with others. It makes me happy when people from all over the world Google “halal food in Barcelona” or “onboard Ekspres Senandung Malam” or “how to go to Coffee Prince Café” and find my blog. That means that what I’ve written here are indeed useful to others, which motivates me to write more.

When people tell me how lucky I am to be able to do/have certain things, my response is similar to Miss Blogger’s, MINUS the sarcasm. In fact, I don’t believe Miss Blogger was being sarcastic, perhaps it was Miss Caller who took it the wrong way. As for me, I do respond to those comments by wishing them to be able to do/have the same things like I do/have the soonest possible, and I honestly mean it. If I can do/have those things, I’m sure everyone else can too.

One more thing, I think it’s a little unfair to only call people that write about material things as showing-off. What about those who write about their perfect little families, their wonderful husbands, their angelic kids, aren’t they showing-off? And those chef wannabes who put up photos of every single breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between that they home-cooked (even if it’s just nuggets and chips), aren’t they showing off? And let’s not even start with countless personal blogs on photography, scrap books, beading, knitting, weight loss, bride-to-be, mum-to-be etc., aren’t they a bunch of show-offs too?

I think the difference between sharing and showing-off is from the reader’s perspective, not the writer’s. The writer merely states the facts of things he/she has or capable of doing. It’s the reader that labels it as sharing or showing-off.

This topic reminds me of Kimora Lee Simmons - the queen of flaunting every single thing that she has. Many people hate her, saying that she doesn’t represent the true picture of the life of women of color in the US. Hardly a handful of them live as opulent as she does. But I like her, a lot! She has proven that women of color can achieve great things in life. The more she talks about the fancy stuffs she has in her reality show “Living in the Fab Lane”, the more I’m motivated to work harder to achieve that level of success.

So like Ben the Fly FM deejay said to Miss Caller,

Deejay Ben: If you hate her so much why do you read her blog?
Miss Caller: Well.. sometimes it’s fun to read..
Deejay Ben: Then don’t complaint laa!

Good one, Ben!


JaJa'Z said...

heheh..akak banyak gak baca blog2 yang diaorang suka citer pasal menda2 yang diaorang beli..menda2 happy their life..melancong sana sini..tapi ada akak..semua tu ok je..tak rasa plak diaorang menunjuk ke hapa ke..suka je baca..tgk atas diri diaorang gak la..lain kali dieya letak je gambo2 tu..tak kira, nak tgk gak..

Siti Roffini said...

They can think whatever they want to. You can't please everyone. They have themselves to blame for being so irrational and unreasonable and inconsiderate, etc, etc, etc.
Still waiting anxiously for the birthday pictures.

dieya said...

k jaja,
ye la kak, atas diri sendiri laa kan, kalu tak suka takyah laa baca, kita pun tak paksa dia baca.. ni tak suka, tapi baca, tapi kutuk, tapi still baca jugak.. apa kes laa org mcm tu.. ish ish ish.. hmmm let me reconsider again about putting up the pics :-)

aunty siti,
you are so right! after all, my blog, my thoughts ;-) will give the pics another thought over tonight, promise!

Liza said...

no dear, your are not a show off at all. somehow i know which blog the caller was referring to. and pls do post the picture ya!

knitfreak-to-be said...

its personal preference. i'll call someone a show off kalo setiap post letak muka dia with the caption,
'teruk kan muka i..? where as there is nothing wrong with the picture. saje nak prvoke orang to say nice things about her ;p

blog is an outlet, and as you say, memorabilia, through blogs i learn different things from different ppl in different parts of the world, tak ke best tu? ;)

marmarn said...

hey did i miss ur bday ur last 20s besday?!
hepi belated besday!!!

we cant ever stop wut ppl say and hell yeah dont live ur life on wut ppl say.
keep puking the stories babe ;)

ZuNas77 said...


There are a lot gap between "Show Off" and "Sharing". ppl yg suka show off tu, beli tissue pun nak letak dlm blog.'re not show off la. in fact, your travel entries semua so detailed and i'm sure ramai org suka refer kat sini.. :-)

p/s. i LOVE Kimora Lee too!!!

dieya said...

k liza,
thanks for the assurance! nothing better than thoughts from seasoned blogger like yourself to give me comfort that i'm doing it right :-)

hahaha kelakar gilers letak gambar kutuk diri sendiri hoping that org puji.. attention seeker namanya tu! betul sangat2 we can always learn from each other through blogs. and hey, if it's not because of blogging, i wouldn't have known you :-D

thanks babe! i like the way u put it - yup i'm gonna keep puking :-D

beli tisu pun tayang.. hahaha! kotnyer tisu dia tu buat dari bahan organic dari hutan lipur amazon tak? hahaha! yeah KLS rocks!

Erin said...

ish, hapelaa...Miss Caller is obviously jealous! i dont think ppl who blog are show-offs. honestly i do enjoy reading things that they do / places that they go to. we love it, so dont get discouraged, mate!

dieya said...

thanks mate! same here, i love reading about other people's stories, so that's why i'm sharing mine. spread the love laa kan? thanks for the motivation@