i mean friendship, not business

I have a friend. I knew him in uni when I joined taekwondo club (by the way I’m a brown belt holder who has long gone without practice) and he was the president. I don’t really consider him a good friend, but because he is the kind of person who always text people every once in a while to catch up over drinks or dinner, I still keep in touch with him till now. Every so often we would meet and talk about random stuff i.e. my travels, his work, our old club mates and many other things in life.

I used to enjoy our random meet-ups until recently. You see, this guy works as an insurance agent (some of you may already guess how the story’s gonna progress). I’ve always been aware of what he does for a living, but it doesn’t bother me as he has never attempted to sell anything to me when we meet. It has always been about two friends catching up. That is, like I said, until recently. The last time I met him (which was sometime in April or May) he started asking me about my financial health - what’s my insurance policy, whether I have enough savings, if I’m aware that I can do certain things to gain passive investment income etc. - you know, the usual insurance agent talk. From that point I realize this so-called friend is trying to turn me into a client. He even asked me to show him whatever insurance or investment portfolio that I have so he could do a review for me, which of course I courteously declined.

Last week he texted me, asking if I was free to meet up. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was busy with monthly accounts closing, so I couldn’t oblige. Yesterday he texted again. This time I thought, maybe I should give him a chance. Perhaps he genuinely wanted to catch up. After all I haven’t seen him in a month. So I told him why not we meet the next day (today) after work. His reply?

“Ok. C u tomorrow. Is it possible that u bring along ur insurance plan so that I can do a review for u, as we have spoken about it that time :-)”

I thought wrong.

To me, if there’s one thing that destroys a friendship, it’s pushing your friend into becoming your client. I’m not against my friends doing business, in fact I do support them (I have a list of links to my friends’ business blogs on the right hand panel to prove it!). But if any friend of mine starts to shove his/her products down my throat, that to me is a friendship breaker. If I think your product is good, I will buy it, you don’t even have to ask. But if you start pushing it to me, it doesn’t matter if your product is used by the Queen of England, I will keep away from it, and from you!

I didn’t reply to his text yesterday. I plan to reply today and tell him too bad I can’t make it to see him, no reason to be given, I don’t need to anyway.

So the next time you ask me for a friendly meet up, make sure you are not planning to sell me anything, or ask me to join some direct selling activity, or invite me to be your down-line in whatever multilevel marketing scheme that you are into.

Or else, go find yourself another friend because I don’t want anything to do with you!


knitfreak-to-be said...

hahaha...at least this erson still meet youn prior to trying to sell you things. I have a primary school friend, we used to be best friends but life get in the way. Last time we met was in 2003.
Last month she texted and call me, asked to join her for to become Cosway member under her, she was also promoting some unit trust. She bluntly ask for my pariculars and said she didn't mind paying the annual fee for me as long as i registered under her. I ignored her sms ever since..

macam2 kan manusia ni?

dieya said...

i've heard so many stories of friendship got destroyed by direct selling, MLM, apa2 ntah lagi bisnes mengarut zaman sekarang. yg kaya nya boleh kira dgn jari, yg makin miskin and hilang kawan yg bertambah ramai.

gosh your friend (or shall i say ex-friend) is such a piece of work! she deserves to be ignored.. totally!

dyanna said...

it's a deal breaker /friendship breaker to me too. sometimes i feel guilty of not buying/joining the 'club'. it's not i don't support them, but i feel like they're taking advantage of our friendship. mcm tak ikhlas berkawan gitu.

dieya said...

i couldn't agree more. the worst thing is they use terms like "it has been a while, let's catch up" or "i wanna treat you lunch" to get you to come. i'm getting more and more skeptical when i get such invites from old friends who contact me out of the sudden!

Erin said...

i hate when it happens..grrr. betul, if we're interested u wouldnt have to ask. i hate it when that happens

Liza said...

i have this friend who wanted to come over to my house, saying she was in the neighbourhood and nak tumpang solat, little that i know there's a hidden motive. she actually trying to make me join this direct selling scheme..tak koser!!!

dieya said...

tu lah pasal. the reason why we don't ask is because we are simply not interested! some people just don't get it, do they?

k liza,
omigod.. can't believe she stooped that low! how could she use such a reason to get your attention. i really hate it when people use religion as their marketing enabler! have they no respect, or fear?

naf said...

wah, as insurance agent, meh aku jwb balik...huhuhu

he's being too pushy! memalukan sungguh!!

seriously, if aku, at the moment org bagi clue yg dia taknak, aku akan tanya direct je, nak ke taknak?

if dia mmg kata taknak, i'm gonna leave her alone and move on!

supaya our friendship tak turn sour! lepas tu,berkawan macam biasa, maybe lama-lama bila dia nak beli insurans (kalau belum beli), they will always come back to me.

adoi, desperate sangatlah ini ejen...

dieya said...

tulah.. i wish all insurance agents are like u naf, ko mmg agent mithali :-) that's y u r my agent!

diorg yg lain ni tak pandai marketing tactic laa kan!