do they get what you give?

When I buy stuff online, I often wonder if it will turn out exactly as how it looks like in the website. More so when I buy something for other people, which means I won’t be able to see how it will turn out, unless the recipient sends me a photo.

Some of the many things that I buy online are flowers. Perhaps not just flowers, but also other things that people usually deliver to other people on special occasions, you know like chocolates, fruits, cakes, gift baskets and so on. Twice a year I arrange for must-do deliveries to my parents on their birthdays, unless I’m home on the exact same day. In addition, I sometimes go Dutch with my friends to send stuff to other friends, like when someone celebrates a joyous event, delivers a baby, gets hospitalized etc.

I really like it when the recipient sends me a photo of what he/she gets. It allows me to compare if it looks exactly like what I expected, or better, or worse. Then I will decide if I should continue using the same company for future deliveries or never again.

Here are some pics of things that I recently delivered to others. On the left is how it is shown on the website. On the right is how it turns out in reality.

To my mum on her birthday last year. Ordered from Blooming Florist. The chocs were nowhere in sight, all eaten up ;-)

To my boss when he and his family got quarantined due to H1N1. Ordered from Delivered on behalf of the entire department.

The latest one - to my dad on his birthday yesterday. Ordered from as well.

To be honest, I was horrified to see how the bouquet to my dad turned out. The reason why I chose this time around was because the arrangement they showed on the website looked really elegant, with metallic wrapper, netting and all. Imagine my surprise when my dad sent me the photo! Pink papers and purple ribbon! Seriously?!

I just asked my dad to count if he really got 24 pieces of Ferarro Rocher like they promised. If he got less, I’ll never ever use again!


JaJa'Z said...

bestnya kalau dapat order delivery mcm tu ek..tau2 je sampai kat umah..tapi betul lah..kalau menda yang kita nak tak sama, mmg akan rasa upset..kalau kat sini pun ada kan best..tapinya..non adoooooo

JaJa'Z said...

dieya: entri utk dieya bukan kat entri ikan keli tu...entri ikan dieya kat bawah skettt..spesel entri untuk dia tu..

dieya said...

eh ada jek companies yg boleh hantar sampai ke merata2 ceruk rantau.. sabah sarawak pun boleh. mcm Blooming Florist tu i think can deliver till kuantan punya. so hint2 laa kat en. zack suruh hantar bunga valentines day nnt ye ;-)

ohhh.. dah baca dah pasal ikan aye & ikan kerisi tuh.. thank u!!! :-D

Mamamya said...

alahai..sweetnye klu dapat surprise mcm tu my mr.komando tu x kan jd romatiknyer..... ;)

ZuNas77 said...

hehehe..lawak betul your dad dpt choc bouquet from his beloved daugther. mmg tak kena langsung la. kalau i call and complaint la since sangat lain from their catalog kan...

dieya said...

k lieya,
eh ye ke? tengok gambar latest k lieya n ur hubby romantik habis duduk berdua kat fun fair ;-)
agaknya mr. komando nak hantar anak harimau kot!

hahaha! last year i hantar cake, this year chocs pulak laa. i thot i already chose arrangement yg paling macho sekali, sekali keluar pinky2 gitu! haihhhh!!! mmg ingat nak komplen, tapi pikir2 malas lah nak cari gaduh on a good ocassion.

JaJa'Z said...

untuk pengetahuan dieya, en zack ni bukan kaki romantik punya orang..dia tak layan valentine day dieya..kang dia kuar hadis dia..puas akak..heheh

Liza said...

i trust noel's delivery, very the cantik and the arrangements are different, next time you can try la kot

dieya said...

k jaja,
hehehe kalu camtu k jaja tukar strategi laa, hint2 masa birthday or anniversary.. celebrate yg ni sure tak kena tazkirah kan ;-)

k liza,
ohhh noel's arrangments sgt cantik! i did asked noel a couple of years back, but they only send flowers or fruits to outside klang valley. no cakes or chocs etc. perhaps next time i'll try again, mana tahu diorg dah extend delivery of other stuff to outstation kan.

Aida Rezuan said...


As for me, I trust Blooming FLorist. Or rather he trusts it because he's been using Blooming Florist all these years to send me things.

On your father's birtday bouquet, I personally find it cute. Buleh? Hehe! Besides, only true brave men embrace the pink in them. Happy birthday to him! :)

dieya said...

i actually used blooming florist for quite some time coz back then only they can deliver to locations outside KL. after a while i find that the arrangements look pretty much the same over the years, tu yg pegi try other companies. didn't expect it to turn out totally different!

hahaha yeah it does look cute doensn't it. thanks for the wish!