desert dune bashing baby!

The day we had been waiting for the entire trip had arrived. Going to the desert! But first, we had to go to the mall :-D

We went to Mall of Emirates again for brunch. The pick-up would only come at 4:30pm but we were advised to have early meal so we wouldn’t feel like throwing up along the drive on uneven sands later. We actually planned to stay at the mall until the driver come to get us at Kempinski Hotel (next to the mall), but guess what, I left the confirmation slip at our apartment! So we had to return to our apartment and come back, which turned out to be a good idea as we could shop for big stuffs and send them to the apartment before heading to the desert.

Off to the desert safari! We shared the ride with three girls from South Africa. Two of them (sitting at the back) are Emirates stewardesses based in Dubai, while the one sitting next to me was on a holiday.

We booked the desert safari tour with Arabian Adventures, a subsidiary of Emirates, for AED 305 (about RM 270) per person. There are other companies offering similar tours at lower prices (some as low as AED 200) but I picked this one for their reputation. We took the “Sundowner” package which included pick-up/drop-off, buffet dinner and a long list of fun activities in the desert i.e. dune bashing, camel riding, henna painting and belly dance show.

That way to our ride of adventure!

The co-pilot was asleep, so did the stewardess behind her. Bad crew! :-p

And we reached the start point!

There were 20 cars from Arabian Adventures doing the activity at the same time. The desert we went to was the company’s private property, so the routes were well planned and we didn’t have to fight for space with other cars to do dune bashing. But before we could start with the fun ride, the tires must be deflated so the car could run smoothly on the sand.

So what is dune bashing all about? Check out this video. Warning: Six girls in a car on a thrill ride across the desert, so adjust your speaker volume coz there’s a lot of screams involved!

Video 1: Dune Basing in Dubai Desert

It was the most thrilling ride ever! We made a couple of stops in between rides to take photos of the beautiful desert. The scenery was breathtaking. We just couldn’t believe that we were there!

Amazing view. Looks like a studio shot, doesn’t it?

One, two, jump!

Back to dune bashing! Wheeeee!

Another stop, this time a longer one so we could watch the sunset.

Girls on dunes! I totally love this shot!

Waiting for a rich merchant to sweep me off my sandy ass :-p

Pjot trying to lift a 4WD!

Fara, Dieya and Pjot making mark in Dubai.

And the sun went to sleep, slowly and beautifully.

With Jay, our super cool driver. If you opt for this tour, do ask for him.

Next up, camel riding.

That’s the campsite, smack in the middle of the desert.

Before the dinner started, we went for henna painting. I opted for a butterfly.

Our dinner table.

View of the campsite from a hilltop.

While we had dinner, the belly dance show went on.

The dancer was a full-figured lady with much to show. She danced while balancing stuffs like sword and cane on her boobs and belly while doing her moves. Now I know why it’s called “belly” dancing - you gotta have belly so the props will stay put while you dance! Check out this video of her dancing with a Japanese guest. I bet the guy had the time of the night!

Video 2: Belly Dance Show

After the show, the camp’s lights were switched off for star gazing. Lying in the middle of the desert, watching the stars twinkling like a million of shiny diamonds, we were left in awe of God’s creations. Such was the inner peace we felt just by watching something so simple yet so amazing.

We left the camp at about 9:30pm and returned to the checkpoint to inflate the tires before heading home. I must say that this is one activity that I suggest everyone to do if you are ever in Dubai. It’s so much fun!

Photos of us taken by the company’s photographers.

What an enjoyable day in the desert! Must do it again! Maybe next time we’ll ride ATVs and bash the dunes ourselves!


JaJa'Z said...

dieya: macam mana la akak bleh tak perasan diye punya entry dah update..brapa entry akak terlepas..puas nak baca satu2..
by the jeles tengok dieya dok jalan2 manjang..hopefully one day akak pun dapat peluang cm sana memang nak holiday or kerja?

dieya said...

hehehe takpe2.. dieya buat backdated entries tu yg k jaja tak perasan kot. anyway ada shortcut links kat sebelah kanan tu, senang sket kalu nak cari mana entries yg tak sempat baca :-)

eh jgn laa gitu, nx time ikut dieya jalan2 ye! pegi holiday, sementara tgh semester break. next week dah start kelas balik.

Mamamya said...

fuhhhhh...b'pinau2 mata tgk gambar2 kat sini....2 n3 yg penuh dgn amazing picture yg blink2.....;D tgk dieya happy kat dalam gambar2 ni akak pun terasa k'seronokkan dieya kat sana.....bestnya kan klu dapat pi holiday.... ;)

JaJa'Z said...

start kelas? buat pjj ke? kan ke dieya dah keja? sambung master ek? syoknya..gambo kat padang pasir tu gojes sangat..and some of the place yg dieya gi akak banyak tgk dlam amazing race dulu..hotel yang bentuk pokok palm tu memang cantik..

JaJa'Z said...

lupa plak nak tanya..dieya gi ni under package ke? berapa semua sekali habis untuk package ni? or dieya gi sendiri2?

Liza said...

very nice, you made me added this country to one of my dream holiday destination...

Aida Rezuan said...


Que lindo todo y muy emocionante! Mi gusta mucho!

Hahaha! Dok gelak sesorang bila tengok that belly dance! Porque la guapa in camiseta naranja no haces baila tambien? Eh?

dieya said...

k liza,
indeed! do go there next summer sale, u'll have a blast jumping from pne mall to another. i surely did!

si tienes razon! when the belly dancer first got out on stage kitorang pun okojot (pinjam sat your anak sedara's word) ni mmg betul punya BELLY dancer ni :-p
jajaja no puedo, tengo dos pies izquierda!

dieya said...

k jaja and k lieya,

your comments tak appear pulak, so dieya letak one special entry on it, klik kat sini:
blogger bummer

blogspot tengah pening kot!

knitfreak-to-be said...

dieya, i yang kat cape town pi safari, bdk south africa ngan u pon pi safari jugak...hehehe...btw, i p dubai jugak, cuma transit kat airport je...hehehe... ;)

dieya said...


hahaha.. diorg tu kan dah setahun lebih dok dubai, baru nak pegi desert safari. kat SA ntah diorg pernah pegi ke tak tatau laa!

transit jek? jadilaa.. dapat gak menghirup udara panas dubai.. next time singgah lama2 sket ek :-D u plak laa gi dubai, i plak nak gi south africa!