de azabache y plata

On Thursday night I had the privilege to watch a Spanish music and dance show called De Azabache y Plata (Jet and Silver) at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). It was organized by Embassy of Spain. That’s one of the perks of learning Spanish with Instituto Cervantes (which reports to the embassy) - you get the chance to go to great shows like this for free :-)

Fiza and I were at first disappointed coz we couldn’t get a ticket. But a couple of days before the show, the organizers called to tell us that she had a couple of tickets not collected by a patron. We jumped up and down with joy! The best part was the uncollected tix was for the show on the 17th (there were 2 shows - on 16th and 17th) which was for the Ambassador, VIPs and major sponsors. Party time!

Jenny, Fiza and me. Estudiantes de Instituto Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur.

People mingling around while waiting for the show to start.

The finger food was great - sandwiches, bruschettas, cheese frankfurters, olives and peanuts. Jenny had three flutes of champagne, I think. I warned her that she was going to get dizzy but she said, “They are not going to let me have so much, this stuff is expensive!” Hahaha!

Waiting for our turn to go in.

Got the tix!

Front row seats! It was free seating, fortunately Jenny had attended the one on the previous night, so she knew exactly where to sit to get a good view.

Opening speech by someone from the embassy, I think.

And the show begins! The quartet consists of Javier Coble (piano), Patxi Pascual (winds), Kepa Osés (double bass) and Serguei Sapricheff (percussion).

The star of the night, renowned dancer Maria Vega.

It was difficult to get good still shots as we were advised against using flash and the dancer moved so fast. Hence I’m uploading several videos here so you guys can get a feel how the show was like.

De Azabache y Plata - Video 1

De Azabache y Plata - Video 2

De Azabache y Plata - Video 3

¡Simplemente maravilloso!


knitfreak-to-be said...

wow...when watching a show like this, selalunya i akan ternganga, there and then...betul, x tipu..;)

dieya said...

hahaha that's funny!
tutup mulut tu nnt masuk lalat *mcm dialog cerita p ramlee pulak, tak ingat cerita apa*

Aida Rezuan said...

Uiks! Bestnye, siap front seat lagik! (dok tunggu gak kot2 dalam video ada orang tuh join nari sama, kan? :D)

* video dari henset baru ye? :D hmm or dah ada kamera baru?

JaJa'Z said...

mcm mana dieya bleh nak terbelajar kat situ plak? ke mmg minat spanish? akak rasa mcm complicated je bahasa tu..hehhehe..rela lagi belajar tagalog..hehehhe

dyanna said...

flamenco! (kan? kan?) wow, front seats! those are great seats in the house.

dieya said...

kalu cik maria vega tu ajak nari sama laju je i join hahaha! those videos are from the old cam. gambar from new cam yg ice cream kat atas tu.
p.s. how on earth did u know i went to get a new camera? ada instinct yek!

k jaja,
actually taklah susah sangat, ok jugak coz spanish ni boleh eja. spanish byk tempat bleh guna, tagalog bleh guna kat philipines je, baik k jaja belajar spanish :-) kalu nak tahu sejarah camne dieya bleh terlibat belajar spanish bleh baca kat sini (2 parts):

yup! flamenco and some other spanish dances. we were lucky to get those seats!

Aida Rezuan said...


My "Malaysia-Truly Asia" nose can detect people aiming for new cameras thousands of miles away, you know. :D

BTW, how did you upload and display your own video in the blog? (sori ye tanya soalan cepu emas gini.. hehe)

dieya said...

wahhh sure hidung mancung mcm pinocchio ni!

to insert a video with your entry, just click on the film reel icon (right next to the photo icon that you usually click to insert photos). a popup menu will appear where you can choose which video to upload. muy facil :-)

Aida Rezuan said...


Hehe! Jangan mancung bebenor, kang tercucuk orang kang!

Orait, got it. Thanks! Nanti buleh la cuba bubuh video lak. Hehe!

dieya said...

great! can't wait to see a video of you dancing flamenco :-D
jgn lupa ajak seisi keluarga jadi penari latar ya!