belittle me? boo you!

After reading Liza’s entry on people belittling others, I’m suddenly reminded of this scene:

My dad, wearing his favorite white pagoda t-shirt and worn-out slacks entered Globe Silk Store with my mum who was looking for kain ela. He saw some nice cheap work coats on sale so he picked up a few to try on.

Promoter: Pakcik cari apa? *In a demeaning tone*
Dad: Cari kot.
Promoter: Nak buat apa cari kot? *Sounded unreasonably annoyed*
Dad: Pakcik memang pegi kerja pakai kot.
Promoter: Pakcik pakai kot?!
Dad: Iya nak. Pakcik hari-hari pakai kot. Pegi kebun pakai kot. Pegi sawah pakai kot. Pegi potong getah pon pakcik pakai kot, maklumlah pagi2 sejuk.

The promoter left without a word. My mum couldn’t stop laughing till they got home :-D


ilif said...

omg lol your dad is so spontaneous! funny hahaha

dieya said...

hahaha i know! the promoter obviously chose the wrong person to mess with :-D

knitfreak-to-be said...

i bace pon tersengih-sengih..padan muka promoter tu..nak stereotype orang sgt...

ingat baju lawa, swipe kad kredit, kaya la camtu lagi bnyk hutang ;p

niSamiR said...

that's y those mentality tak pernah nak maju..once promoter is always a promoter (...not all..but some...) they always look down on other people...just consider customers are their family members, sure treat well no matter how they dress up.....buzzz yup wrong person they mess with...hahaha...funny nway ur dad...hehe

dieya said...

it's just so sad when people get ridiculously judgmental when they really don't need to! u r so right, yg pakai lawa2 tu banyak hutang dia tak sedar :-D

hahaha itulah diorang ni, double standard! agaknya kalau org datang pakai selipar jepun mau dia halau terus kot!

Siti Roffini said...

My husband has this crazy idea of walking into a car showroom in worn-out t-shirt and pants and an old pair of slippers the next time he decides to get a new car.(God knows when that is) He will make sure he parks his kapcai well within sight of those sales people!! Never got to doing it yet. He wanted to do it the last time he got his car but I stopped him. May be, just may be, I would be persuaded the next time, if ever there is one!

Liza said...

your dad is so hilarious, that was a good one!!!

dieya said...

aunty siti,
that's a brilliant idea! please please please let him do that and tell us all about the outcome! you know what's going to make it even better? if he wears kain pelikat and terompah :-D

k liza,
i thought so too! score one to dad hahaha!

dyanna said...

lolz! Way to go uncle :D

there was once a promoter giving a slimming voucher to me. I stared at her and asked if she thinks I'm fat.

Promoters need to learn good common courtesies (& common sense too) and not just being nice with Mat salleh saja. This is what I dislike about our culture of double standards.

dieya said...

slimming?? you???? omg is she must be blind or dumb out of her mind!!!!

ahh.. the only-nice-to-matsalleh thingy. pinkerton syndrome 101! don't get me to start talking about double standards, gosh.. that's one big can of worms to open!