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The Dubai Airport Terminal 1 metro station finally opened its doors and we got our tickets to Mall of Emirates station. The ticket price goes by zone. Since the two stations are in two different zones, we had to pay AED 6.50 per person. The metro has 2 lines - red and green - but only red line has started operation. Even then, not all stations along the red line are open to passengers, so if you wish to take the metro, do check before you go.

Walking on a bridge towards the metro station. Our journey started with one bag per person that wasn’t even full. Let’s see how it’s gonna end ;-)

Sparkling new Dubai Airport Terminal 1 metro station.

We alighted opposite Mall of Emirates (where the infamous indoor ski park is) and asked a metro staff for directions to our apartment. He couldn’t tell exactly where the place was, but he said the area behind Kempinski Hotel (adjacent to the mall) has many apartments, so ours should be somewhere there.

So we walked through the mall to Kempinski Hotel. From the hotel entrance, we could see several service apartments but none of them was ours. I told Pjot and Fara to wait there with our luggage while I went around the building to look for our apartment. After about 10 minutes walk I finally saw our apartment from afar, across a 3-lane road at the back of the mall, standing amongst many other new apartments, some not even fully constructed yet.

I walked back to Kempinski Hotel’s entrance and we decided to take a taxi to our apartment, as we had huge bags and the weather was getting hotter by the minute. After a few missed turn, we finally reached our apartment - Najd Hotel Apartments. It was too early for check-in so we left our bags there to start exploring the city.

First stop - Palm Jumeirah, where Atlantis is. Can you see it at the end of the road?

When people talk about Dubai, one of the first things that come to mind is Palm Jumeirah, a palm shaped man-made island. On the tip of the palm is Atlantis, a huge complex of hotel, mall and entertainment centre. However, you need to stay at the hotel (which is really expensive) to enjoy the attractions. Non-guests are only allowed to access very few areas within the complex.

Atlantis on Palm Jumeirah. Some of you might recall getting forwarded e-mails with impressive photos of fireworks lit during its launching.

Entrance to where you can swim with dolphins. The fee is AED 890 (about RM 800) per person. Crazy!

Inside a section of the Atlantis mall that is open to public.

We were there early so not many shops were open. So we went to have ice-cream at Cold Stone to pass the time. The great thing about Cold Stone is that you choose fillings, not toppings. Then they’ll mix the ice-cream for you.

Flavors + Fillings + Wafers = Freshly mixed ice-cream!

Second stop - Souk Madinat Jumeirah. The souk has a very nice setup, with traditional Arabic architecture and a canal surrounding it. Inside there are many nice shops, restaurants and even a theatre. Too bad when we were there wasn’t any play showing.

The square-shaped pieces of architecture on the roof are traditional wind towers, which was used during the olden days to cool houses from scorching heat.

On an abra that brings people around the canal.

Burj Al-Arab can be seen at the back.

We had lunch at a restaurant called Al-Makan. It’s a really nice place to have Arabian food.

Sand art is very popular in Dubai, which is hardly a surprise as the city is smack in the middle of a desert. Each of us got a sand-in-a-bottle art piece with our names on it to commemorate our trip.

Then we went back to our apartment to check in. We were really happy with our unit! We paid AED 2,700 nett for 6 nights and we got an apartment with 2 room, 2 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine etc. And everything looked sparkling new and well maintained.

All these (and more) for AED 450 per night, which goes down to AED 150 (RM 135) per person.

Our little bottles of sand decorating the dining table.

We cleaned up ourselves and rest for a bit. At night we went for a dhow (traditional boat) cruise along Dubai Creek.

Dhows decorated with bright lights.

The cruise included buffet dinner, henna painting and magic show.

Beautifully lit buildings along the creek.

The buffet spread. To maintain the balance of the boat, passengers had to go in turn (table by table) to get the food ;-)

The magician working some tricks on a boy.

We went back to our apartment feeling incredibly sleepy. I actually dozed off during the cruise and in the car on our way back. No surprise, we were awake since our flight landed at 2:30am. Time for a good night sleep!


エイザト said...

the apartment is super-cool! nanti show the pictures to abah, bleh propose pegi family holiday. he likes that kind of apartment/hotel. hehe. and the night pictures are gooood. sibbaik beli new camera before pegi. :)

dieya said...

yes it is! and really cheap too (considering Dubai's standard laa kan). it's near to Mall of Emirates, but far from the souks, so jauh laa nak beli kain ke, rempah ke, emas ke. so mama may not like it. but bagus juga far from the souks, less shopping!

yeah i'm soooo glad i got my red baby!

Aida Rezuan said...


The hotel looks great! And with a good price, too.

The sand arts look so kiut! Hehe!

Did you girls go on an abra ride too?

Dhow looked so cool and luxury!

Suddenly the thought of even having to put effort to maintain the balance of the dhow.. scares me. Kalo few tables makan banyak and the rest makan sket.. mau terbalik gamaknye dhow tuh? Wawawa!

dieya said...


yeah the hotel apartment was really nice and cheap. and the staffs are very helpful.

i so love the sand art. mula2 takmo beli, tak tau nak letak mana. then i thought wait, let's have it will all our names then it will mean something!

the dhow cruise is nice to see creekside landscape at night while enjoying dinner. but in terms adventure rating, i enjoy the abra ride more. oh yes i did ride the abra on the next day!

hahaha makan sampai terbalik bot! bahaya tu :-p
kena suruh diorang carefully sukat ni sapa makan banyak, sapa makan sikit, takut bot senget. nasib baik diorang tak suruh timbang berat sebelum naik!