activating OOB

What’s OOB? Read my previous entry and you’ll find out.

I’m flying again tonight. Where to? Say about 6 hours flight to the west. Somewhere in Middle East. Where there are many shopping malls. Super huge shopping malls. And 7 or 8 star hotels. Or is it 9? I lost track already. And man-made islands in the shape of palm trees.

Spending summer in the desert, as if Malaysia isn’t hot enough as it is ;-) Packing a tub of sun block with me, though it may be too late now because I’m already partially burnt from yesterday’s telematch.

Really hope that I’ll get a seat on the plane tonight. Remember that incident with the last trip? Praying hard it won’t happen again.

See you again in a week’s time :-)


Aida Rezuan said...


Wow, going to Egypt ka? *jeles tau! :D

Hey, have fun and travel safe! Take lots of pics and videos!

* Hope previous incident won't happen again.

JaJa'Z said...

uishhh..jalan lagii??? jelesnya!!! dubai ke???

dieya said...

ehh mentang2 baru buat pyramid nasi lemak ingat kat egypt je ye ;-)
alhamdulillah all of us got on MH. safely arrived at 2:30am local time.
tgh2 mlm pun panas kat cni..

k jaja,
pandaaaiii! :-D still kat airport tunggu matahari naik. train pegi city pun x buka lg.
jgn la jeles, meh join mehhh..

Liza said...

have a good trip and as usual, lots of photos pls....

ummu said...

salam Dieya
semoga selamat perjalanan pergi dan balik Dieya..

dyanna said...

Have a good time in Dubai! If got time check out the shopping mall for female only, i've seen it in the Travel Channel and was impressed. Wondering if it's still impressive as it was in TV.

dieya said...

k liza,
thanks, will put up pics & stories when i get home!

w'salam. thanks for your do'a :-)

yeah having a good time indeed! really? will google that. thanks for sugggesting!

エイザト said...

wargh, asik jalan² je.

amik gambar byk². jgn lupe beli fridge magnet. :P

Mamamya said...

wahhhhh....jalan2 lagik....ptt la bagi tips travel checklist...:) apapun selamat b'holiday...baik2 jalan tau kaki jgn t'sepak batu...(dah ok ker injured aritu??) ekekeke....

jgn lupa borong sari utk buat baju raya ek.... :D

take care dear....

Erin said...

you know how i feel...hehe, jealous ok? :P looking forward to hear stories about your trip...

dieya said...

gambar will be uploaded bila balik nnt. fridge magnet 4 u dah beli. yg from seoul hari tu pun ada tunggu kat umah :-)

k lieya,
thanks! kaki dah ok, tgk mamat2 arab hensem terus baik :-p
oh kain2 kat cni mmg cantik2 n murah2 pulak tu!

thanks mate! nx time join me k, kita buat rombongan batch 7!