14 hours in dubai mall

Today we decided to spend the day at Dubai Mall, which is a really huge mall with the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, next to it. We reached the mall shortly after it opened for business at 10am and went straight to get tickets to go up the tower. The tickets cost AED 100 each and our turn was at 11am, so we hanged around the souvenir shop and the lobby to pass the time.

Burj Khalifa tour is called “At the Top”. That's a replica of the tower.

Amazing view from the observatory.

There were a bunch of Year 1 kids on school visit. Each was given a workbook in which they had to answer some questions on the buildings that they see. I would have failed instantaneously :-p

Lady Messi at the top!

Since I had my Messi shirt on, the kids keep calling me “Messi! Messi!” That blondie right in front had the loudest voice.

Stuffs we got from the souvenir shop.

We then went to Vapiano, a pasta and pizza joint, to have lunch. The restaurant uses a charge card system. There are several stations (i.e. pasta station, pizza station, salad station) where you place your order, tap your card, get your buzzer and return to your seat. Once your order is ready the buzzer goes off and you go to the station to pick it up. After you finish your meal, show the card to the cashier and make your payment.

Placing my order.

Our drinks, card, buzzer and food. Once our stomachs were filled, we could start exploring the mall.

Since we missed out the Gold Souk at Deira yesterday, we went to see the indoor Gold Souk.

Everything was so shiny, even the walls!

Beautiful indoor fountain.

Enough already with sightseeing, it’s shopping time! If don’t know any other Arabic word, at least I know what “tanzeelaat” means ;-)

Fara got a Louis Vuitton!

Cole Haan, I found you! I got a similar pair to those I was holding but in gold.

Gorgeous shoes + Hot salesguy = A shoe fetish’s dream come true!

Super huge Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo. There were divers swimming around sharks inside it.

Had Taco Bell for dinner. Where else could I find halal Taco Bell but in Dubai!

The big screen tv near the ice rink showed World Cup round of 16 match between Brazil and Chile. Every time a goal was scored there was a massive roar.

One last purchase before we called it a day - Adidas ballerina flats. Cute, eh? Wait, are we talking about the flats or the guy?

That building had swallowed a huge chunk of our hard earned cash. Enough already, let’s go home.

We finally left the mall when it closed at midnight. So what did we get after 14 hours at Dubai Mall?



Aida Rezuan said...


Haha! This was a shopping spree! If after 14 hours ONLY and you girls were with those bags.. I can't imagine for the next 5 days! Haha!

How cool to be called "Messi", eh? :D

* You and your shoes, eh? *faints.. :D

Erin said...

Gambar cantek, x sia2 beli new camera!

Seronoknye tgk org shopping, best gile haha. And the adidas ballerina, KL ade x? hihi...

dieya said...


hihihi i know! couldn't help it. summer sale was on so everything was incredibly cheap!

you know what, the kids weren't the only people that called me Messi. even pak2 and mak2 arab besar panjang called me Miss Messi laa, Miss Barca laa. rasa glamorous gitu! :-D

i've been eyeing Cole Haan for so long. and to be able to get it at 50% discount was a chance that i just couldn't pass!

aida.. aida.. wake up.. :-D


yeah i so agree! the new camera is definitely a worthshile investment!

i saw a few ballerina flats at Adidas Mid Valley (i think), but takde yg menawan hati like the ones i saw in Dubai. on discount pulak tu!