teaser from seoul

Taken in front of Adidas store in Myeong-dong, using their touch-screen interactive wall. By the time we got back to the hotel the pic was already in my mailbox. Coolness!


JaJa'Z said...

uik..cool gilerrrrr..best tu..bakpe tak amik gambo banyak2..ke kena charge jugak..hehhehe wah! tak sabar nak tgk pic dr korea..

Liza said...

wow, korea!!! best!!!! don't forget to borong the brooches for raya!!!

knitfreak-to-be said...

teaser...tak tahan....mesti lepas ni ade bumper issue..hahaha...something you can expect from dieya i guess ;) enjoy

Aida Rezuan said...


Waaaah, you look so sweet! (and your friend too)

How cool is the touch-screen interactive wall, eh? More explanations when you got back, pls :D.

* are those shoes that I'm seeing at the back? shopping for more shoes aa?

sheri said...

wow dieya, from the last post i have already guess that it was korea. how cool is that? hehe.. enjoy!

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

wooo..jalan lagii..best2

dieya said...

k jaja,
tak terpikir laa pulak nak ambik banyak2.. hahaha! tak kena charge, free jek tu. patutnya amik lagi lima enam pose kan? pics akan menyusul :-D

k liza,
did buy several brooches. mahal laa brooches kat sana, but the designs are awesome! can really see the difference in quality + shine.

hahahahaha! gelak giler when u said bumper issue! bumper issue baru siap satu entry.. baru bumper kancil, belum bumper hummer lagi :-p

thanks :-) yeah it was so cool! will write about it more later. hahaha did buy a pair, just one pair.. resisted myself habis2an from getting more!

u r always the smart one! did enjoy myself a lot!

yeah! mengembara mcm crocs oren jugaks ;-)

liya said...

salam, Wah Dieya, gi Korea! Japan next, maybe???? Hehehe

dieya said...

w'salam liya!
yeah, korea lah pulak. japan dah gi last year, nanti2 lah baru pegi lagi ;-) nak visit org tsukuba, boleh?