shopping in seoul

Whenever people mention shopping in Seoul, one place comes to mind - Myeongdong. Well, not that I didn’t shop for anything anywhere else (had actually bought some stuff at Itaewon earlier, which had some good stores), but Myeongdong was a different league altogether. And the fact that we were there on Saturday night made it even more interesting as there were many locals around, so the place didn’t feel too touristy like Itaewon.

An arch at the entrance of the shopping area. See, I was only a few feet into the area, yet I already had several bags in tow!

Look at that, so many people!

Remember the photo that I put up as a teaser? This was where it was taken.

Pjot took this shot while I was busy mailing the photo to myself.

Then we went to Adidas’s main competitor, Nike.

Inside the Nike store. Look at the Korean World Cup jerseys. I want!

And I always get what I want.. hahaha! That’s a Nike staff printing Park Jisung’s name and number on my jersey. I actually wanted to take a shot at his face but he politely denied and moved away from the printing machine. Sorry Erin, no photos of cute Korean dudes in football jerseys for you :-p

And my jersey is done! Yeay!

Jisung’s stats and autograph.

We stopped by Baskin Robbins for a short rest. The store was full with people, mostly teenagers spending weekend night out with friends. We sat at the upper floor facing the glass wall and enjoyed our ice cream while watching people passing by.

Meyongdong’s setup was something like Petaling Street, but the streets were a lot cleaner and the stores were of higher end.

Yummy ice cream hotdog. I don’t think they have it at Malaysia’s Baskin Robbins.

Pjot’s pre-packed ice cream sandwich. Smile!

Brightly lit streets laden with shoppers.

Pjot enjoying sweet potatoes. This snack is a must try!

By the time we got back to the hotel it was approaching midnight. We were out and about for almost 15 hours! No wonder we were so tired. Showered and went to bed. Got to rest well, tomorrow’s gonna be day of fun and games!


Erin said...

bummer, no pics of korean dudes! try again tomorrow ek...haha. is the jersey cheaper there? cool lah jersey korea...selama nie dok beli european teams je. sokong Asian team pulaklah haha

dieya said...

from now on i'm gonna put a mental note to snap pics of cute dudes just for you! hahaha!

no, the price is about the same as anywhere else. covert to ringgit it's about RM 260, and i got it in boy's size coz men's size besar sgt. if men's size would be more expensive.

jersey korea mmg sgt cun!